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Monday, May 23, 2016

Recipe: Healthy Chicken and Dumpling Soup

Healthy Chicken and Dumplings Soup Recipe - low fat, gluten free, high protein, healthy, egg free, low calorie, clean eating

Want to know something about me? 

Whilst generally I'm someone who's really happy and bubbly and outgoing,  as soon as the temperature drops I turn into a bit of an antisocial grump. Yup. This girl does not do Autumn/Winter well.

And I'm serious... if it's cold and I'm out of the house there should probably be some kind of fanfare because that is a serious achievement. Sure I might be wearing 6000 layers underneath the clothes you see, but usually I poo poo the idea of leaving my humble abode because I can't stand the thought of going out in the cold.

Healthy Chicken and Dumplings Soup Recipe - low fat, gluten free, high protein, healthy, egg free, low calorie, clean eating

Dramatic? Yes, but I'd really much rather stay at home with my slippers and fluffy blankets, endless cups of tea and a microwave constantly beeping at me to let me know my heat pack as once again reached my desired level of warmth. 

But whilst I tend to prefer being a hermit in the cooler months, I do still have to actually do life when it's cold and that means going out and adulting - and when I do that, you can guarantee I'm mentally planning my rewarming routine when I get home. 

Because, really, when you've made the effort to go out in the cold you definitely deserve a reward.... in the form of something that will ensure you're toasty and warm in no time at all.

Healthy Chicken and Dumplings Soup Recipe - low fat, gluten free, high protein, healthy, egg free, low calorie, clean eating

This, my friends, is the perfect rewarmer - and the perfect winter comfort food. Whether you like your soup brothy or thick, this Healthy Chicken and Dumplings Soup Recipe is perfect as I've shared both ways below. It's loaded with flavour and so easy to make - so easy that your friends and family will think you've been slaving away for hours when really it's taken you less than half :P 

So let me share the recipe with you! >>

Healthy Chicken and Dumplings Soup Recipe - low fat, gluten free, high protein, healthy, egg free, low calorie, clean eating

Healthy Chicken and Dumplings Soup Recipe
serves one, easily multiplied
low fat, gluten free, high protein, clean eating friendly, 
vegetarian option, egg free, nut free 

For the dumplings:
1 egg white 
2 tbsp (30g) cottage cheese 
For formed dumplings & brothy soup: 1/4-1/2 cup (40-60g) flour (see instructions below)
For a thicker, creamier soup: 1/4 cup (30g) gluten free plain flour + 1 tbsp water (see instructions below)

For the soup:
1 small rib of celery (if you can eat it - I can't so I leave it out)
1-2 tbsp diced onion or leek 
1 clove garlic, crushed 
1 medium carrot, sliced 
1 tsp butter (optional) 
A pinch of ground sage, thyme and oregano 
1 serve chicken breast, shredded (optional) 
1/2 cup chicken stock or vegetable stock 
1/4 cup to 1/2 cup water 
Fresh parsley, to garnish
Salt and pepper, to taste

To make your dumplings:
  • Mix all of your ingredients in a small mixing bowl until combined.

    For formed dumplings with a brothy soup (as pictured): use as much flour as needed to form a dough. It will be a little sticky, however, you'll be able to shape it and have it hold together easily.
    For a thicker, creamier soup with less formed dumplings: use only 1/4 cup of flour and add a tablespoon of water if needed. These dumplings will need to be dropped in with a spoon as they won't hold their shape (once they hit the soup they'll form up)
To make the soup: 
  • In a medium non-stick saucepan over medium heat, saute your celery (if using), onion, carrot and garlic with your butter (if using) or a splash of stock to stop it from sticking. 
  • Once your veggies start to soften, add in your herbs and chicken breast and stir until everything is incorporated.
  • Add in your stock and water (use more/less water depending on how much broth you want - you can always add more later) and turn your heat right up to bring your soup mix to the boil, stirring to ensure nothing is stuck to the bottom. 
  • Once your soup is boiling, turn your heat down to medium and add in your dumplings. Don't stir them for a minute or two whilst they set up and then carefully stir them to ensure they cook all the way through. 
  • Cook your soup for another 3-5 minutes or until your veggies are soft and your dumplings are cooked through. 
  • Season to taste and garnish with fresh parsley before enjoying immediately!
  • This soup will keep in the fridge for 2-3 days, however, we prefer it fresh!

But tell me, what's your go-to food/meal/habit when you need to warm up?
And, are you a fan of winter or are you a cold bug like me?
I can't be the only one who changes with the seasons :P 


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