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Friday, July 29, 2016

Recent Things: Catching Pikachu in Sydney, Puppy Love and Lots of Laughs

Recent Things in the Southern In Law World

HAPPPPPPPPY FRIDAY! And happy almost end of July. 

Well... not so happy if you're reading this from the Northern Hemisphere because, if you're anything like me, you're probably dreading the fact that WINTER IS COMING and you're entering the last month of summer. 

Meanwhile, I'm over here in Australia counting down the days until Spring arrives. Luckily for me, August is always a month full of good stuff as it's my Dad's birthday (on Monday!), my birthday (on August 12th) and also the birth month of many of my awesome friends so that means there's plenty of cake to be eaten ;) 

But before we get to August, 
Here's what's been happening in our world recently! >> 

Chanel running away with her toy from her Surprise My Pet Subscription Box - Subscription Boxes which Ship to Australia

Recent Faves: This photo of Chanel. Fur flying, bouncing through the air - pure puppy happiness. This photo was taken when I was trying to take a photo of Chanel and Trixie's Surprise My Pet Box.

You see, it arrived and before I could even find the sticker to see who it was for, the dogs already knew it was for them as they could smell the treats inside. 

Chanel loving her Surprise My Pet Subscription Box - Subscription Boxes which Ship to Australia

I told them to wait as I laid everything out to take a picture, hopped up on a chair to take a shot and WHAM! Chanel races in to nab the toy fox and I caught her in the act :P She then raced off with it and that's where that second photo came from :P 

Trixie, on the other hand, was more concerned with the treats inside. Chanel is our toy lover (and has been known to steal plush toys from anyone who receives them at Christmas or who leaves them lying around) but Trixie only likes to... okay I need to rethink this sentence as it's going to sound bad.... Trixie likes spherical objects.... also known as balls... and that's it.

Surprise My Pet is a monthly box of surprises for your favourite furry friend - and you can tailor it by telling them a little more about your puppy, kitten, cat or dog and they'll fill it with surprises that are perfect for them. 

The girls received a box with lots of yummy treats, the fox toy Chanel stole, a toy popsicle, a fun shirt, some puppy bubbles and a frisbee which we're hoping Trixie can learn to play with! Each box helps a dog in need as Surprise My Pet supports a variety of charities and animal shelters.

A Wild Oddish Appears

Recent Laughs: Sooo, um, I'm definitely not one who takes life very seriously so when I found this onion in the bottom of my cupboard, I knew I had the PERFECT opportunity to make fun of Jesse and his PokemonGo addicted friends :P 


Jesse just about fell off his chair laughing when I introduced it to him but Wesley wasn't so amused :P 

Where to Find Pikachu in Sydney - Pokemon Go Carss Park

Recent Pokemon Hunting: Speaking of Pokemon, Jesse is now one happy guy after catching not one, not two but FIVE Pikachu (pikachus? I don't know) over the weekend. We had to make a special trip to Carss Park (only like 10 minutes away) after church on Sunday but hey! Look what I got out of it... 

Where to Find Pikachu in Sydney - Pokemon Go Carss Park

Insert heart eye emoji.

Where to Find Pikachu in Sydney - Pokemon Go Carss Park

And another.

Where to Find Pikachu in Sydney - Pokemon Go Carss Park

And a sprinkle of magic light for good luck!

ASUS E200HA Laptop

Recent Gadget Faves: The end of the month is always crazy busy for me and this month I'm double screening. I'm kind of in love with my new ASUS E200HA but especially as it means I can have things open on my main computer and my laptop at the same time without switching between tabs and nowwwwwwww I kind of understand why Jesse told me I need a bigger desk so I can have two screens :P 

Oh and of course I changed the settings so the task bar and windows are all pink :P 

Curious Pack Subscription Box - Subscription Boxes that Ship to Australia

Recent Fun: I went to see my Pyjama Angel kiddo (if you missed this post, I volunteer with a local child in forster care to help him with his reading/writing) on Monday and took along this Curiousity Pack with me. We played memory with the alphabet monster cards and did a few of the letter exercises in the book and he LOVED it! So much so I'm thinking I need to order the other boxes! 

Curiousity Pack is a learning based subscription box where you receive a pack each quarter (every three months) to help kids get excited about learning! They have a feelings pack, letters, numbers and travel pack with lots of fun activities - and they ship to Australia!

Snuggling with Ziggy - Long Haired Weimarana

Recent Snuggles: Apart from my girls, Ziggy is one of my favourite furry friends! I babysat my favourite little guys on Friday night and then got to hang out with the Zigmeister! I'm terrified of big dogs... but Ziggy? He's a big dog who thinks he's a 5kg chihuahua and so so sweet!

Kind of makes me want a longhaired weimaraner of my own!

Southern In Law Reader Recipe Creations

Recent Reader Creations: It seems you guys have been busy little bees making SIL recipes this week as I've been getting lots of emails and messages! Linda shared her version of The Best Paleo Banana Bread Recipe whilst Claire the SIL recipe queen (SERIOUSLY! Claire and Eric have to have made at least half of the recipes on the blog :P) made my Healthy Korean Beef Stir Fry Recipe as well as my Healthy Marbled Chocolate and Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal Recipe.

How to Balance Life and Work Without Going Crazy

Recent Posts: This week on the blog I shared my tips on How to Balance Work and Life as well as two deeeeeeeeelicious recipes!

Healthy Italian Baked Lentil Balls Recipe Vegan Healthy Chocolate Baked Zoats Recipe Vegan

My Italian Style Vegan Baked Lentil Balls Recipe is one that keeps appearing on our lunch and dinner plates (ESPECIALLY on Super Salad Sundays!) whilst my Healthy Chocolate Baked Zoats Recipe (also vegan!) is a favourite for breakfast and found smothered in chocolate almond butter or cacao super spread most mornings :P  

And don't worry, next week I have LOTS of delicious recipes to share as well as my Random Ramblings (which I didn't realise so many of you would miss! I'M SORRY!!!) 

But tell me!
How has your week been? 
Are you a dog person or a cat person?
And what's the most delicious meal/snack/dessert you've made this week? 
This week's most delicious for us, as voted by Jesse and seconded by me, had to be the vegan mac and cheese I perfected on Wednesday night. Jesse had NO idea it was vegan, even saying "well THIS is how mac and cheese is supposed to be" (and then fist bumped me because we're weird... and we do that) and when I told him it was vegan a few hours later he said "well that's it! I'm going vegan"..... and then I finished it off with a killer vegan brownie recipe for dessert which he had no idea was vegan either. MWAHAHAHA! 


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