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Friday, September 16, 2016

Recent Things: Caveman Cravings, New Puppies & Reality Bites

Hello lovely one! Happy Friday!

This week feels like it has flown by for me as the busyness has not stopped! Luckily that meant the week was also filled with plenty of goodness and I have LOTS to share with you!

So let's catch up on what's been happening recently! >> 

Baby Paddy Springer Spaniel Puppy

Recent Cuteness: Getting to meet our friends' new puppy!!! Little Paddy is ridiculously cute and we are totally in love. In an ideal world, Jesse and I would have a huge farm with 30530450234005 dogs but for now we'll just love our fur-nieces and nephews as well as our puppies :P 

Paleo Toast with Avocado and Strawberries Paleo Toast with Strawberries and Cream Cheese

Recent Food Faves: Venerdi's Paleo Bread! We can't stop won't stop eating this bread... and because we're not paleo it means we can add ALL THE TOPPINGS!

Though our favourite toppings have to be cream cheese or avocado ;) 

I have learnt that I will not change the world, Jesus will do that .I can however change the world for one person.
Recent Quotes: This one from Katie Davis. When I was reading Kisses from Katie this quote stood out because it totally explains how I feel about volunteering and loving others. 

I used to be someone who hateeeeeeeeeed the fact that she couldn't help everyone - but now I realise if I help those I can in the best way I can, that's all that matters!

Zumba Reality

Recent Laughs: This meme a reader sent me yesterday because it sums up exactly how Larissa and I feel at Zumba each week. We absolutely love it but we're silently thanking God there's no mirrors in our church because it means we don't have to see how bad we look ;) 

Sleepy Chanel under the Table

Recent Puppy Love: The puppers have been enjoy plenty of snooze time this week, however, they've also had their crazy moments too. Don't let this sleepy Chanel fool you. She may be an "adult dog" but that puppy can PLAY!

The dogs seem to have their witching hour each evening at around 5pm where they chase eachother and go crazy until they tire themselves out :P 

Walking Through Oatley Park on a Spring Morning

Recently Loving: These Spring mornings! The sun is up bright and early, the birds are singing and there's just enough warmth in the air to leave the doors and windows open without freezing. In fact, on Sunday I even went for a run - outside!

Originally it was going to be a walk, however, after jogging down our hill (because we live at the top of the hill and the park as at the bottom), those lovely endorphins must have kicked in because I was off running and I didn't stop - save for a few moments of powerwalking up the bigger hills. 

Truth be known, I was getting competitive with the other runners in the park and I saw one woman I knew I could overtake so I sped up to catch up with her only to overtake her and hear her grunting behind me (I don't know if she knew she was making audible sounds of annoyance as she had headphones in) - but that just made me run faster. 

Note to fellow runners/walkers. If you're wondering whether we're racing, we are.

Homemade Paleo Cereal RecipeZucchini Bread Baked Oatmeal Recipe

Recent Recipes: It's been a breakfast kinda week on the blog this week with my Vegan Homemade Paleo Cereal Recipe and my Vegan Zucchini Bread Baked Oatmeal Recipe and I can't say I'm complaining because both recipes are RIDICULOUSLY delicious!

But tell me, how has your week been? 
If you could have a dozen baby animals, which would you choose?
And what's one meal/food/item you can't get enough of this week?


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