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Friday, October 28, 2016

Recent Things: Beesy, Beesy, Beesy

Well heeeeyyyyy! It's Friday again and in true farmer's market Friday form it is gloomy and overcast. Does anyone else find they have events that always seem to fall upon days with awful weather? On the last Friday of the month there's a pop up farmer's market near us and whilst every other Friday is gorgeous, the last Friday of the month always seems to have horrible weather.

Murphy's law? I don't know but it's frustrating nonetheless! 

Nevermind, I have lots to share with you sooooo
Let's see what we've been up to recently! >>

Sunrise at Oatley Park

Recent Happiness: A gorgeous sunrise at the park! I went for a quick 5 km run on Sunday morning before church super early (for some reason I decided 5am was a good time to wake up so by 6am I had already eaten breakfast and caught up on blogs and was ready to go) and this was the view I had! 

The weather has been a bit dodgy this week so I only fit one run in amongst my bike riding and zumba-ing but I'm hoping Sunday the ground will be dry and I'll be able to head out again! 

I know that sounds really wimpy but when you run in a park that's really hilly and often the road has a nice layer of moss or mud, seriously wet roads = serious danger for a klutzy person like myself!

Say What - Where to buy cheap cheek retractors in Australia

Recent Laughs: Playing around with cheek retractors. After seeing all the Say What/Speak Out board game videos a few months back, I went on a hunt to discover where to buy cheap cheek retractors in Australia before buying the board game. 

Where did I find them? The land of all things cheap... eBay. We got a pack of 10 for $1 and we've been laughing ourselves silly ever since. 

Just a warning though, if you keep them in for too long you probably will drool on yourself... and it's really gross. 

Jesse snuggling with the puppies

Recent Puppy Loving: ALLLLLLLLLL THE PUPPY SNUGGLES have been happening this week. Both pups seem to have realised that whilst Katrina (my sister) is never home, we are always at home and thus we are the go-to snugglers. 

Jesse decided I had to take a photo of him snuggling Chanel last weekend but look how jealous Trixie is watching them, waiting for snuggles of her own...... 

Or her ball thrown..... probably her ball.... 

Breakfast Oatmeal Bowl with Strawberries, Blueberries and Banana

Recent Deliciousness: Oatmeal bowls! The dodgy weather has it's benefits as chilly mornings are perfect for oatmeal eating. This bowl was one of my favourites of the week - smothered with nut butter and lots of berries and banana! Yum!

Beesy Beesy Beesy T-Shirt

Recent Feels: Beesy beesy beesyness. I feel like sometimes the silly shirts I wear determine the kind of day I have and yesterday I was definitely wearing the right shirt for the day. (This is the shirt - SnorgTees seriously have the best shirts EVER!)

TeeBlox Coupon Code - 10 Off

Recent Savings: One of my all time favourite subscription boxes (and the only box we currently subscribe to) have a sale for those wanting to try TeeBlox out for the first time! All you have to do is choose your TeeBlox box here and add the code 1STBLOX at the checkout for 10% off. This works out to be around $12 USD per month and for that you get an awesome new shirt and some surprise items. 

The shirts are super high quality - hence why we keep subscribing to them! I have the Disney box and get the cutest Disney shirts delivered each and every month!

Recent Excitement: We were sent our very own Elf on the Shelf! We're thinking we may have to come up with some fun scenes for him to share with you since we don't have our own kids to share him with :P 

What do you think? 

Vegan Coffee Baked Oatmeal Recipe - low fat, sugar free, gluten free, clean eating  Vegan Paleo Chocolate Coconut Slice Recipe - paleo, vegan, healthy, gluten free, grain free, sugar free, no bake, raw, clean eating recipe

Recent Recipes: This week on the blog I shared my Healthy Coffee Baked Oatmeal Recipe and the most amaaaaaaaazing Paleo Chocolate Almond Slice Recipe - both of which you need to try ASAP!

But tell me, how has your week been? 
What's something that made you smile this week? 
And what are you looking forward to this weekend?


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