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Friday, November 18, 2016

Recent Things: Crazy Dreams, Spirit Animals and Venus Fly Traps

Well hey there, sweet friend! You're about to think I'm totally weird once you read this post and you'll probably want to back away smiling an awkward smile whilst doing that weird half laugh-half WTF-is-happening awkward sound but hey! Let's be friends for now 😉

I have lots to share with you this week! From a crazy weird dream and my spirit animal to recent celebrations and foodie obsessions. 
So let me catch you up on what's been happening recently! >>

Recent Dreams: So, the other night I had quite possibly the weirdest dream that incorporated so many true facts I woke up totally confused.

That day I'd learnt that my neighbours were looking after their grandson two days a week as their son had returned from overseas and Jesse and I were watching an animal documentary where Jesse decided this little animal was my "wild spirit animal" (because unicorns are my real spirit animal) because David Attenborough mentioned that

1) it's always eating because it's so active 
2) it has ninja like reflexes and can escape it's predators by running through it's carefully plotted map of escape routes

Sengi - Elephant Shrew

That's my "wild spirit animal" the Sengi (also known as an Elephant Shrew)...

So back to my dream. In my dream I heard a baby giggling so I looked over the fence (apparently I'm a sticky beak in my dreams) to see that my neighbour's house had been demolished except for one tiny bit at the back (apparently I am suspicious of baby sounds but not demolition too? 😛).

Then out of nowhere, the giant monitor lizard from the documentary comes out from the house at the back and I start running through my maze of escape routes (apparently I jumped over the fence at one point too.. I'm very nimble in my dreams 😉) to escape the lizard who eventually tires and gives up and thennnnnnnnnnnn..... I woke up. 

And because I'd dreamt about my neighbours I was then hesitant to say "oh yeah, XXXX are now minding their grandson two days a week" to my Mum the next day because I was all "IS THIS REAL LIFE?!" and didn't know if I'd dreamt up the whole thing or I really did hear that the day before. 

Needless to say, my brain is fried, friends... girlfriend needs a weekend... and a coffee.... and some chocolate bark

Don't look that dream up in a dream dictionary because it'll probably tell you I have cancer or the world is ending or I need to eat potatoes dipped in lard for 22 days to cleanse myself from alien invasion... no offence to people who read dream dictionaries or anything..

Recent Celebrations: My sister's birthday! My sister, Katrina, turns 21 on Sunday so we're having a party for her at home tonight with friends and family!

Recently Browsing: Florist sites! I am blessed with lots of people in my life who are celebrating birthdays and special occasions at the moment and I am SO thankful for the internet so that I can deliver pretty posies and surprise gifts to my loved ones around the country!

How gorgeous are these peonies and pretty pink roses from Flowers for Everyone?

I'm Sorry That People Suck So Bad

Recent Sadness: When I found out some SIL readers were deleted from a Coeliac group for sharing my recipes. Unfortunately the admins of that group had something against me and decided to be nasty to others. 

If you were one of those people, I'm really sorry. I've already heard from two and it makes me really cranky as I am SO glad you love my recipes enough to share them because it's people like you who encourage me to keep on creating and keep on sharing. 

Unfortunately not everyone in the world is so lovely. 

Succulents and Cactus at the Nursery Venus Fly Trap

Recent Discoveries: This one's for Jesse... He'd never actually seen a Venus Fly Trap before until we were watching that documentary (which lead to my crazy dream :P) so I took a trip to the plant nursery to buy him one the other other day and instead bought nothing and just took videos of me playing with them and making them close.

And then I realised... is that really cruel? Am I tricking venus fly traps into thinking they have food by touching those little hairs on the inside with a stick and making them close?

And I starving venus fly traps?!

I'm pretty sure venus fly traps do not have brains because they're plants... but still!

Talk About a Perfect Blue Sky Day

Recent Joy: Beautiful blue sky days - and jacarandas in bloom! Ohhhh how I love spring in Australia!

Snoozing Puppies

Recent Puppy Love: Sooo, last night Katrina was home and had Trixie in her room, however, as soon as she woke up to go to the bathroom in the early hours of this morning, Trixie made a mad dash to our room and jumped up on our bed to snuggle inbetween us. 

Hellllllllooooo, favourite humans 😉

Chanel has also all of a sudden decided she too needs to come and lay on our bed with us whenever we watch TV. She never sleeps in our bed (she loves her own bed) but as soon as we go to watch TV, she comes running in after us 😛

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Recent Posts: This week on the blog I shared this delicious Paleo Pecan Pie Energy Bites Recipe as well as 12 delicious and oh so Easy Chocolate Bark Recipes for Christmas Gifts. I also shared this year's 2016 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women.

But tell me, how has your week been?
What's the weirdest dream you've had lately?


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