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Friday, November 25, 2016

Recent Things: New Finds, Duct Tape and Dentists

Hellloooo! It's Friday again and this week has been all sorts of crazy. I literally have not stopped since posting last week's Recent Things post - but alas, I made it and so did you 😉

Nevertheless, let's jump right into it and catch up.
Here's what's been happening recently >> 

At The Dentist

Recent Pain: I started the week off on a not so great note with a trip to the dentist.

Actually... I'm exaggerating. The dentist took all of 15 minutes as I only needed my teeth cleaned (no cavities, still! WOOP!) and it was all fine and dandy until about 2 hours later when my whole mouth ACHED. 

Why is it that it hurts so much when all they do is CLEAN your teeth? They're definitely not gentle at all... that's for certain!

Jesse dressed up as Mario

Recent Laughs: This guy always makes me laugh. From deciding the fake mustaches at Katrina's birthday party meant he had to wear his Mario hat to his ridiculous joy over food at Thanksgiving and crazy antics. I don't think I could have chosen anyone better to marry.

Rimmel London Fresher Skin Foundation Review

Recent Products: This past weekend I tried out a new foundation and was actually quite impressed! Whilst it doesn't provide heavy coverage, I prefer a more natural look so it was perfect for me. 

The first time I used it I wasn't so sure - but the second time I LOVED it. The only issue is that it's slightly too pale for my weird olive-ish complexion. 

In case you're looking for it, it's Rimmel London's Fresher Skin Foundation.

Smiles and Duct Tape Book Review

Recent Reads: I started and finished Smiles and Duct Tape on Saturday and was totally hooked.

Here's the description in case you're interested;
No one would have ever imagined the Torreys leaving the house armed with a supply of emergency medication and a list of top neurologists or ever needing to change their teenage son's diaper at 36,000 feet. That's the thing about life -- there is so much you can't imagine until it happens. You just need to figure out how you're going to get through it and, more importantly, what's going to hold you together.
Smiles and Duct Tape follows the Torreys on their harrowing journey through Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), the rare and cruel disease that forever changed their son's life. It's far from the journey they embarked on when they started their family, but they have managed not only to survive, but also enjoy the ride. A powerful and transformative story of a family's courage and willingness to carry on and live their new normal with grace, humor, and incredible strength.

This book shared an incredible story and I turned the final page with a new perspective on how to treat those who have gone through incredible challenges. Jesse made a comment that their family went from the one that was known by their jokes and their smile and their joy - to a family that was known for their son's disability and always greeted with sadness. 

I read that and my heart broke because I realised how right she was. We seem to have this idea that people who are going through tragedy don't want to see us be joyful and happy around them so we tone our joy down a notch to be acceptable when, in reality, all that family wants is some sense of normalcy! 

Loving my Morning Walks

Recently Loving: My morning walks in the park! I mean, how could you NOT with views like this...

Morning Walks at Oatley Park Morning Walks at Oatley Park

This is exactly the reason I'll never stray too far from home 😉

Morning Walks with the Husband at Oatley Park Morning Walks with the Husband at Oatley Park

And even better than walks by myself are walks with the husband! Jesse had the day off work last Friday and I somehow managed to convince him to go for a bushwalk with me! Win!

Canon 750D Discount
Recent Purchases: A new camera - eep! 

After procrastinating for years I finally purchased a new one - this time a Canon. I played around with the 750D earlier in the year and was quite happy with it so I'll be glad to finally have a DSLR that does video! 

New Yogurt Finds - Healthy Product Reviews Australia

I also bought two new yogurts to try! Cocobella have a new Coconut Yoghurt that was delicious (and it's vegan/dairy free/gluten free). It's silky smooth and doesn't have an odd or inconsistent texture like some other coconut yogurts I've had. 

The Rokeby Farms Whole Protein Quark Yogurt, on the other hand; I wasn't a fan of.... but apparently that was due to an issue they were having with their first batch. It was SUPER sour and tasted off but apparently they changed their culture time to improve the taste so I'll be interested to see how another batch tastes! 

Important Reminder - SMILE!

Recent Reminder: To SMILE! A lot of the running groups that train in the park write instructions and little messages on the road for their runners and this week my favourites were two very important reminders. One to SMILE! and one to RELAX! 😜

Healthy Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipe Healthy Green Bean Casserole

Recent Feasting:  Thanksgiving Feasts! We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday with a deeeelicious feast! Of course we had my Vegan Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe (which is Jesse's favourite and no one realised it didn't have any cheese!) and my Healthy Green Bean Casserole Recipe (also vegan) and finished it all up with my Healthy Pumpkin Pie Recipe!

Healthy Baked Mexican Black Bean and Sweet Potato Balls Recipe - healthy, gluten free, grain free, vegan, egg free, dairy free, plant based,  homemade veggie burgers recipe, clean eating, sugar free  Gluten Free Caramel Apple Muffins Recipe - gluten free, healthy, sugar free, low fat, dairy free, clean eating recipe, dessert, snack, easy, simple

Recent Posts: This week on the blog I shared this Vegan Mexican Black Bean and Sweet Potato Bites Recipe that we're obsessed with - as well as the most delicious Healthy Caramel Apple Muffins Recipe

But tell me, how has your week been? 
What's something that made you smile this week?
What's the last thing you purchased?


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