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Friday, January 20, 2017

Recent Things: Public Service Announcements, Discoveries and Antics

Well heyyyy, you! It's Friday and after our first full week back at work we are ready to relax and be lazy. 

I love being back in a routine and working but Jesse has definitely had what I suppose you can call a post holiday hangover? He's longing for lazy days and dreaming of hours spent doing a whole lot of nothing :P 

But that's okay. Luckily a lot happened this week so I have plenty to catch you up on!
 Here's what we've been up to recently >>  

Recently Listening To: The above song, on repeat. SO MUCH JOY! I wish it was out when we got married as it would have been PERFECT for our wedding video!

We're actually planning on getting remarried in Vegas this year (no joke, it's on our bucket list and we're going to do it because why the heck not?!" so perhaps I'll have to make a new video 😉

Recent Discoveries: Enneagram personality types. I'm probably really late to the party on this but I was listening to a podcast where they were talking about what type they were and I decided to google it. 

Welllllll, I saw the quiz to find out what your personality type was and I got sucked in and did it and HOLY GUACAMOLE did it give me the right one. 

People that know me will know how scarily accurate this. Apparently I'm a "type 2" which means; 
  • My Biggest Fears: Being unloved or unwanted.
  • My Basic Desire: To feel loved (ha, #needy)
  • To Get Along With Me: Tell me that you appreciate me and let me know that I'm important and special to you (#needy again, hahaha), share fun times with me, take an interest in my problems even though I'd rather focus on helping yours, be gentle if you decide to criticise me. 
  • In Relationships: Reassure me that I interest you, reassure me that you love me, tell me that I'm attractive (should I be embarrassed at how needy this makes me seem? I promise I'm only needy in an effort to ensure I'm making others happy though)
  • What I Like About Being Me: being able to relate to people easily and make friends, knowing what people need and being able to make their lives better, being generous caring and warm, being sensitive and perceptive about other's feelings, being enthusiastic and fun loving and having a good sense of humour
  • What I Don't Like About Being Me: not being able to say no, having low self esteem, feeling drained from overdoing for others, not doing things I really like to do for myself for fear of being selfish, criticising myself for not being as loving as I think I should be, being upset that others don't tune into me as I tune into them, working so hard to be tactful and considerate that I suppress my real feelings

Recent Puppy Antics: It's been reaaaaaaally hot this week and the dogs and I have been staying inside in the air conditioning all day every day. 

Chanel is a bit of a weirdo and likes to lay out in the sun but I told her she wasn't allowed to be out there as it was too hot and she gave me a big ol' mopey grumpy face as she came inside. 

I said "Chanel, just sit inside and watch if you have to" and apparently she listened because she stayed inside by the back door looking outside most of the afternoon :P 

Recent Confusion: Sydney weather. On Wednesday it was 28C/82F at 7am and it was ridiculously hot all day long... and on Thursday? Well...

It was overcast and gloomy (this was actually Tuesday but imagine the overcastness x10 and you get Thursday) and I found myself putting on a cardigan as I walked to meet a friend for coffee.

Get your act together, Sydney!

Recent Find: Cadbury Oreo Cream Eggs are gluten free.... and you're welcome.

Don't ask me why they make the creme eggs gluten free when oreos are not gluten free because I have no answers. All I know is that they're really ridiculously delicious and I may have to eat my weight in them before they leave stores after Easter.

And yes, I'm eating Easter eggs in January.
And no, I do not care.

Recent Outings: On Saturday I was still feeling pretty flat after being sick with the flu, however, I was feeling well enough to go out and do something so we headed to the movies! 

We saw the new animated film Ballerina (which is apparently called Leap! in the US) and it was so so good! I loved it and so did Jesse!

Recent Trixieness: I already told you about Chanel's antics but this week Trixie has been extra snuggly... which is weird because it's been SO hot. If she's not sitting between us like a person in bed, she's stealing my spot if I get up to go to the bathroom. Puppy just wants alll the snuggles.

Recent Posts: This week on the blog I shared our DIY Alphabet Dating Book Gift Idea which would be perfect for Valetine's Day. 


I also shared two delicious new recipes! My Homemade Gluten Free Lamingtons Recipe and this super simple Healthy Savoury Pumpkin, Feta and Spinach Muffins Recipe

But tell me, how has your week been? 
What was your most recent food find? (New to you product/new fave etc)
And what was the last movie you saw in theatres?


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