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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

DIY Valentine's Day Treat Jars - Quick, Easy and Made for Under $5!

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching and since Jesse and I have been working on lots of little craft and DIY projects lately, we thought we'd put together a super simple DIY Valentines Day Craft to share with you! 

These DIY Treat Jars are super easy to make and really cheap too. Using recycled jars, this project ended up costing less than $5 but it's a super sweet gift to share with your loved ones. 

Best of all? We made them all in one afternoon - and then we were ready to share them with out friends!

So let me tell you how to make them! 

How to Make Painted Heart Valentine's Day Treat Jars - DIY Valentines Candy Jars
  • Glass Jars (we used empty and washed peanut butter jars) 
  • Contact paper (the kind you use to cover school books. We found ours for $1.50 per roll at Kmart) 
  • A pen or market to draw yours hearts 
  • A pair of scissors
  • Acrylic paint or spray paint (read below) 
For the Paint: 
Spray paint is the easiest option here, however, it tends to be more expensive  than straight paint (though about the same if you're buying primer/sealer). The benefit of using spray paint is that it tends not to chip or scratch off as easily - particularly if you use a spray paint that is for use on glass. 

If you're using acrylic paint, you can simply paint straight onto your glass, however, it will scratch off. If you're not too worried about this, just be careful when you're picking them up/moving them around. 

If you want your jars to last longer and have the paint stay on, add either a layer of paint primer (one that is for use on glass) before you add your painted layer. Alternatively, you can also spray a coat of clear sealer on the outside of the jar once your paint has dried, prior to peeling off the sticker.

How to Make Painted Heart Valentine's Day Treat Jars - DIY Valentines Candy Jars

First you want to trace or draw your heart shapes onto the paper side of your contact paper. For the smaller jar we used a slightly smaller heart and for the larger jar we used a slightly larger heart.

Once you've drawn your hearts, cut them out with your scissors.

How to Make Painted Heart Valentine's Day Treat Jars - DIY Valentines Candy Jars

Carefully peel the paper back off of your heart shape and attach your heart to your jar. 

How to Make Painted Heart Valentine's Day Treat Jars - DIY Valentines Candy Jars

Now it's time to paint! 

If using acrylic paint: 
Primer Option - Add a layer of primer to the outside of your jar and allow it to dry completely before painting your jar with your colour of choice. You want to make sure you don't paint the top of your jar too thick or you'll have trouble closing the jar. Once your jar is almost completely dried, carefully peel off your sticker.

Straight Paint Option - Simply paint your jar with your acrylic paint. Once your jar is almost completely dried, peel off your sticker, making sure you don't scratch the paint off with your finger tips.

Sealer Option - Paint the outside of your jar with acrylic paint and allow to dry completely. Spray a coat of clear sealer over the top of your paint layer and allow to dry. Carefully peel off your sticker. 

If using spray paint:
Choose a spray paint that is suitable for use on glass. Turn your jar upside down (this ensures no paint gets inside the jar) and spray an even layer of paint over your jar. Allow your jars to dry and carefully peel off your sticker. 

For the lids: 
We spray painted our lids black as they were previously brown - this isn't necessary as you can also decorate the lids with fabric or washi tape. 

How to Make Painted Heart Valentine's Day Treat Jars - DIY Valentines Candy Jars

Once your jars have dried and you've peeled off the sticker, you're ready to fill them!

We filled our jars with foil covered chocolate hearts which we found at The Reject Shop for $2. You could also fill them with homemade treats (I made a jar for a friend with my Mint Chocolate Raw Bites) or fun little gifts (think mini nail polishes) or even love notes or date ideas! 

This would also be a fun twist on our DIY Alphabet Dating Book or DIY Date Night Jar or you could use these Free Printable Date Night Coupons or 30 Budget Friendly Date Night Ideas.

Ideas for Filling Your Jars:

But tell me, what treats would you pop inside these jars? 
And do you celebrate Valentine's Day? 
We're not really into Valentine's Day that much, however, we will take any excuse to come up with a craft project to make together or delicious recipes! Plus, who doesn't love all things pink and chocolatey 😉


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