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Friday, February 10, 2017

Recent Things: Puppies in Pants, Silver Linings and Rollercoaster Weeks

Hello lovely ones! This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster of highs and lows, happiness and joy, stress and sadness - but we made it to Friday. 

Luckily a rollercoaster week means I also have lots to share with you, so let's jump into it. 
Here's what's been happening in our world recently >> 

Chinese New Year Lion Dance Parade HurstvilleChinese New Year Lion Dance Parade Hurstville

Recent Saturdates: Last Saturday our Saturdate was very different from the norm. We caught the train to Hurstville and saw the lion dance at the Chinese New Year Street Festival. 

Holy guacamole those lion dancers have skills. Here I was thinking they would just dance down the street - but instead they were balancing on tightropes and leaping from pole to pole suspended in the air. 

It's definitely something we'll have to go and watch again next year! 

Hats by Olivia - Personalised Sun Hat Gift Ideas

Recent Want: One of these personalised sun hats with my Mrs Jones on it because they are SO cute! The out of office one is cute too - but I feel like the personalised one would make an awesome gift idea. I NEED to remember this (and friends, you NEED to forget this post before next Christmas, ha!)

I swear Etsy always has the coolest things. 

Recent Screenshots: ALL THE DOG POSTS 😜

We had this happen once to our first pup and she was so embarrassed she hid herself away for a week until she got over it 😝

Cheap Photography Lighting Equipment Australia - Food Blogging

Recent Want: New lighting equipment so I don't have to battle weather conditions when shooting recipes or photos for clients. OverStock have heaps of lighting equipment on sale right now (here you go, fellow blogging sistasss!)  and I'm trying to work out if it's worth the shipping to Aus. 

Jumping Photo at Parliament House

Recent Adventures: To Canberra and back, in the day, for work - but not without a quick stop at Parliament House for a photo...

The Big Ram - Golburn Australia

And a quick refuel stop at Goulburn to take a photo of the big ram 😝

World Nutella Day

Pikelets with Nutella for World Nutella DayRecently Celebrating: World Nutella Day!

I celebrated with Nutella on my Baked Oatmeal because why not - and then we fed 20 odd children pikelets with Nutella because Jesse and I were teaching the older kids Sunday School class and we decided Nutella was the obvious snack choice for the day.

And then Jesse wondered why the kids went from listening so well to turning into insane sugar hyped gorillas in 0.0000002 seconds.
Jesse asleep while we babysit

Recent Frustration: Whenever Jesse joins me to babysit, he always falls asleep once the kids are in bed. Last Saturday we were babysitting until 1am and Jesse was fast asleep - only to say "I'm SOOOOOOOOOO tired" once he woke up... yaknow, after he'd been asleep for four hours or so and I'd been sitting up awake the whole time. 

He's not a team player, haha!

Recent Prayer Request: Now, this isn't something I usually do and I don't tend to ask people to pray for me, buttttttttttttttttttt, girl needs all the support she can get. 

I've been dealing with some frustrating health issues and am feeling pretty hurt and broken because it feels like I can't catch a break. I have some tests coming up that are pretty scary but I'm hopeful that I'll get good news and an easier path - for once. 

I would love it if you could pray for good results - or peace in whatever the results will be. But let's be real.... I'm praying for good results because I need every bit of hope I can cling to!

Oatley Train Station Architecture

Recent Silver Lining: I was pretty crabby yesterday because I had to catch the train and when I got down to the train station I realised the easy stairs were closed and I either had to; 

a) take the ridiculous eight flight steep stair nightmare that's on our side of the train station 
b) walk all the way around to the other side to take the two flights of less daunting stairs instead

It sounds petty that I was annoyed but it was 38 degrees celsius (100F), I had just walked all the way from home and was gross and sweaty and I was in a bad mood - but there was a silver lining. At least the architecture up there is pretty... so that kind of stopped my funk for a few seconds 😛

Recent Laughs: Trixie in pants. Jesse found a random pair of build a bear teddy shorts and put them on Trixie and it was the funniest thing ever! I wish she had have kept them on long enough to take a video! 

But tell me, how has your week been? 
What do you have planned for the weekend? 
And what's the last thing that made you laugh? 
And, is there anything I can pray for you about? 


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