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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Random Ramblings: Embarrassing Photos and Unusual Theories

I realised the other day that I forgot how random the photo is of me up there ^^^

It wasn't until Jesse, my Mum and I were talking about the fact that, if I was ever to become famous/notable for anything, the media would be able to pull some seriously weird photos of me to use because I'm not afraid to laugh at myself. 

The first photo I thought of?

<< That one. An outtake from my Winter Fashion Must Haves post last year.

The first photo my Mum thought of?

^^ The random ramblings photo.

Apparently I really embarrass my poor Mum with my crazy antics and ridiculous photos. Let's hope I never end up famous or notable because she would probably want to crawl in a hole and hide from her embarrassing offspring.

Meanwhile, I'd probably offer to do another photoshoot because that's only the start of my randomness...
. . . 

Maybe this is personal, but when do you pay your bills? 

I always pay mine as soon as I get them because I guess I'm afraid I'll forget about them and then have an overdue bill - and I thought that was pretty normal. Apparently, that's not the case because a few of my friends looked at me like I had three heads and no common sense when I said that. 

So now I'm wondering... is bill paying the same kind of deal as assignments in school? Because whenever I was in school, I always came home and did my assignments as soon as I got them - because I was worried I'd forget about them/run out of time later and not be able to hand them in - and then too, some of my friends thought I was crazy. 

So, my question is this; what were you like with assignments at school and what are you like with bills now?

See, these are the stupid things I think about when I actually have important things to do. 

. . . 

Yesterday I had a meeting with a potential client at an office space where 4 or so of my other clients also work/meet/have offices and I bumped into one client who saw me and I could tell that as soon as he realised who I was he had this instant "OH S#!+! I forgot I was meeting Kristy today" reaction which then turned into "hold on, I don't think I was meeting Kristy today"  and then said hello and I felt like I had to reassure him that I wasn't actually there to meet him. 

Then I realised I'm really lucky my office is down the road from my house and away from all my clients - because I could never get any work done in an office building like that as I'd constantly be bumping into people that wanted something from me 😛

So big kudos to anyone who works in an office with lots of people. I couldn't do it. 

But tell me, how has your week been? 
And what's something you've been randomly wondering/thinking about/rambling about lately?


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