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Friday, March 24, 2017

Recent Things: A Crab Hunt, Suck Ups and Ring Candles

Why hello there! Happy Friday! 

This week has been another crazy one (I'm kind of just accepting that as my life for the moment ) but I'm putting the craziness aside for a little while because I have LOTS to share with you from this week! 

Here's what's been happening in our world recently >> 

Mud Pie Crab Toddler Romper

Recently Searching For: Cute crab themed outfits for a friend! My friend Ali is planning a crab themed party for her daughter's first birthday and after one failed outfit purchase, she's on the hunt for another and asked me to search too! 

Ummmmmmm, can I just say that I never knew there were so many cute crab outfits out there?! I may only dress my future children in crab themed outfits.

That one is from Mud Pie and it is so stinking cute!

I'll come back for you

Recent Realisation: That this is me. There's a charity secondhand bookstore about 10 minutes from my house which I kind of sort of frequent and often times I'll forget to bring money with me when I walk to Mainly Music on a Thursday - but i'll still stop in to see if there's any new books I need to return for 😜

Jesse sucking up because he broke the bed

Recent Frustration: My husband the five year old 😂

On Wednesday night Jesse was being stupid with Trixie and I told him to STOP bouncing on the bed like an idiot because he would break it and he looked at me like Pfffffffffffftttttttt, joy kill and continued doing it........ only to have two of the slats underneath him snap clean through. 

Ummmm yeah. 

Perhaps you should have listened to your wife there, Jesse.

Royal Essence Ring Candle Australia

Recent Discovery: Royal Essence Ring Candles.

Ummmmmmmm, I really can't see any reason why someone would not want a candle WITH A RING INSIDE. It's like a grown up version of toys in cereal boxes only so much better.

Royal Essence Ring Candle Australia

We have the Campfire and Fairy Bread candles and I lit the Campfire Candle last night to find this ring inside! 

I was a little worried the candle itself wouldn't be that great (as the ring is kind of the drawcard) but the scents are INCREDIBLE - and I would buy the candles even without the ring. I think these will be one of my go-to gifts when I'm not sure what to buy someone. 

Every candle has a ring inside - valued between $10 and $2000 and this one was a $60 18K White Gold Plated Ring with Mystic Topaz.

The best thing to wear when working with children

Recent firsts: The first time meeting my new Pyjama Foundation kiddo! I met her on Monday and stuck to my number one rule of working with children (always bust out the Disney tees!) and whilst she was really shy at first - she warmed to me by the end of the hour! 

It's kind of odd going from a 6 year old boy to a teen girl - but I'm interested to see what happens! 

A puppy pram!

Recently Spotted: A puppy pram! This elderly gentleman was pushing this pram with two puppies inside and a car windshield reflector (is that what they're called???) to protect them from the sun and rain 😛

Recent Must Haves: Coffee, coffee and more coffee. This week has been insane and I've pretty much needed a coffee IV.

Recently Screenshotted: Disney memes. Jesse sent me this 100 Disney Memes That Will Keep You Laughing for Hours post and it is BRILLIANT.

Trixie Belle - one very scruffy puppy

Recent Puppy Love: The dogs have been doing a WHOLEEEE LOTTA sleeping this week because the weather has been woeful. I can't really blame them - I wish I could be doing the same.

Recent Wishlists: This should actually be called my "Random Like List"... also known as random things I've seen online and thought "ooh, I love that!". 

And it's so random. Like, I don't really need an artificial olive tree... but now I'm so convinced that I need one because I saw it on Pinterest and it looked good. I do, however, need that sweatshirt though.  

Paleo and Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars  Oven Baked Corn Fritters Recipe

But tell me, what's been happening in your world this week? 
What would be in your "random like list"? 
And what can't you get enough of this week? 


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