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Monday, April 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Jesse!

Nine years and one week ago, I fell in love with an American boy who lived 10,000 miles away. If I was being honest, whilst my heart longed for my dream to come true - I probably wouldn't have believed you if you told me that American boy would become my husband. 

But here we are! And whilst the last nine years have certainly had their challenges (long distance goodbyes are NOT pretty and we never could have imagined just how much work a visa application would involve!), they have been really ridiculously good to us - and there are so many things about Jesse I celebrate every day - not just today on his birthday!

It might sound ridiculously cheesy and cliche - but I married a guy who makes me laugh every single day. 

I cannot remember a single day where we've not laughed together at least once. In fact, we laugh so often that my family happen to call Jesse "the chipmunk" because he has an infectious kind of laugh that you can't help but laugh along with.

He is my greatest support, biggest cheerleader and will happily go along with whatever crazy plans I come up with. 

He married a girl with crazy dreams and a spirit of adventure and we've ridden elephants, had a private yoga class in Bali by the pool of our villa (where I got pooped on by a bird mid savasana and we laughed until we cried), hurtled down hills at a million miles an hour when we went zorbing in New Zealand, we taught ourselves how to do furniture restoration projects and grew our own veggies in our DIY raised vegetable garden and we travelled to the US, Norfolk Island, New Zealand and Bali.

Oh and don't think he's just dragged along on these adventures. We started a bucket list a while back and put "Get Married in Vegas" on the list as a joke - but Jesse has already set the wheels in motion and we're getting remarried by Elvis later this year! 

He's converted me to loving road trips and driving for HOURS because I know there's always a memory to be made. 

He is an incredible friend and loved by everyone.... literally everyone. 

I've never met a person who is so universally liked.... and he doesn't even realise it! 

He "gets" me and never complains about the fact that coeliac disease often stops us from going out to restaurants or cafes - but will do everything he can to make it happen when it's a possibility. 

....and will grill chefs on my behalf because he knows I don't like to bother people. 

He'll happily dress up in matching Christmas costumes just for a laugh and LOVES the fact we have a list of holiday traditions that's a mile long. 

He totally embraces all of the photo shoots and events and meetings and craziness that comes along with being married to a wife who is a blogger and working in the media industry. 

He gets me and we really do love to spend as much time together as possible. We often have people tell us that they don't know of any other couple who is always so happy to be around one another - all the time - but everything is better together. 

Being married to your best friend is pretty much the best thing you could EVER do in life! 

And he is totally the best not-quite-official Australian ever.... just wait until I record him saying maaaaaaaaaaaaaateeeeee. 

But tell me, what's on your bucket list?
And how do you usually celebrate your birthday? 
We keep birthdays simple in our house. Usually it's a Gold Class Movie (we saw Beauty and the Beast yesterday which was AMAZING) or a special day out, cake and a special dinner and today we're off to the markets to get Jesse a hugeeeeeeeeeeee tomahawk steak for his birthday dinner tonight, haha.


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