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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Random Ramblings: Snapshots of Life Lately

Hello there! Remember me? 

I took a little unplanned hiatus from the blog after the Easter long weekend as I was feeling positively woeful with the flu that didn't actually turn into the flu (it's just this weird lingering pre-flu-ness) but nevertheless, I AM BACK!

You probably didn't miss me, but I missed you so I thought I'd catch you up on what's been happening over the weekend. I thought I'd do this week's random ramblings a little bit differently by sharing some snapshots and stories of life lately. 

So let me share these photos and stories with you! >> 

This weekend I realised that putting Easter eggs into glass jars is the easiest way to monitor who is eating them. All would be quiet and then you'd hear it.... 

The song of sorrows for the poor Easter eggs... and with a crinkle of a foil wrapper they were gone

But that's okay, because somehow the girl who got the least Easter chocolate actually ended up with the most. This is one of the perks of being coeliac... everyone feels sorry for you so when you mention something is gluten free, they give it to you and you end up with ALL THE CHOCOLATE 😜 #sorrynotsorry #thetruthisout

Well not all... but more than you had before. I ended up with a hugeeeeeee bar of toblerone (that was my Easter gift because it was the one thing my Dad knew was gluten free), a Crunchie bunny, some Bacio chocolates (the one thing my Mum knew was gluten free) and then all the little eggs I too have been stealing from the jar. 

But the others certainly have not missed out. This weekend has been one of pure indulgence and celebration.

From a Good Friday Seafood Feast to one of our favourite little ladies' first birthday parties on Sunday to Jesse eating his entire Easter basket in one go to church and time with friends and a lazy Monday to recover from it all. 

Long weekends like these are always my favourite! Even if I get back to work and spend the rest of the week trying to work out what day it actually is because it's actually Tuesday but feels like Monday and now it's Wednesday but it doesn't feel like the middle of the week and yadayada first world problems. 

I've also learnt a semi-important life lesson recently... 

That is, if you smash a jar of flaxseeds all over your kitchen floor, those tiny seeds will find their way under your fridge.... and when said fridge leaks and catches on fire, the water which caused the electrical fire will water your little flaxseeds and you'll find sprouted flaxseeds when you move your fridge. 

It was mightily disgusting... and you know what my husband did?

Ran straight to the garden to find an empty pot so he could plant them and see what they grow. 

With his luck, they'll die pretty soon so I googled and discovered they could potentially grow pretty blue flowers... and now I kind of want to remember to water them.... which I won't.... 

Speaking of flowers, I'm feeling a little bit sorry for my Mum's rose bush... 

You see, on Good Friday I needed table decorations and the poor rose bush was the only pretty flowering species in the garden at the time... so I chopped off all bar 3 roses to use on my table. 

The table looked beautiful but the rose bush? Umm....... it's seen better days... 

Note to self: buy more flowering plants before next dinner party. 

Originally I took this photo to tell you about how for 0.000000002 seconds yesterday I thought the bird was cute because he was taking a bath.... 

But then I realised I must dislike the bird more than I thought because I had no idea what we actually called "the bird".... but that's why we have husbands, friends and he reminded me that the bird's name is Pepper. 

Now I can see why I forgot his name... does he look like pepper to you?!?! He sure doesn't look like it to me! 

That and, you know, I'm deathly afraid of birds so I avoid said bird (Pepper... I should probably use his name) at all costs.... especially because one time Pepper (see, used his name!) got out of his cage (not on his own, I would not be living in this house if Pepper could willingly let himself of his cage... that's terrifying) and flew at my face and I simultaneously cried, screamed and hyperventilated and my Mum laughed at me because she thought I was making it up and being dramatic... 

When I didn't talk for like two minutes, she realised I was probably about to die.... 

Moving onto less traumatic things... lately I've been trying to get all the vitamin D I can whilst soaking up every last second of warmth. 

Thankfully in the afternoons just before it gets cold, the sun is in the perfect spot on our balcony so I've been taking my work or a book out there to sit in the sun and soak it all up before the sun dips just that little bit lower and I'm running inside for a blanket and fuzzy socks. 

Please don't tell me that this will all end soon... I'm just hoping winter is fashionably late and has an engagement it really needs to get to so it can only stick around for an hour or so 😜

At least that's what I tell myself, as I laze in the sun with my book and look up to my neighbour's palm tree, closing my right eye to block out the "real life" BS and pretending I'm in Hawaii or some tropical place instead of Sydney where WINTER IS COMING 😬

But tell me, what's been happening in your life lately?
What did you do for Easter?
And what chocolate is your all time favourite?
I loveee Lindt 90% Dark Chocolate, however, I've never met chocolate I didn't like so I will happily devour it all 😜 


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