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Friday, April 14, 2017

Recent Things: Fridge Fires, Left Hand Successes and Manipulative Puppies

Hello lovely ones! Happy Friday and Happy almost Easter! 

Jesse and I have four days off work and a weekend of celebrations with church, lunches, dinner parties and even a first birthday party! 

But first, let me tell you what's been happening in our world recently! >>

Recent Laughs: Jesse's attempts at trying to take a photo with Chanel. The reason why you always see photos of Trixie is because she's a poser - but Chanel? She's like me and hides from the camera.

Recent Fails: This "trendy" pillowcase on eBay. Errrrmmm, guys... that's not how it's supposed to go....

Recent Realisation: Trixie is a drama queen and knows how to manipulate us...

Last night Jesse and I were watching TV in our room and Jesse told Trixie that she wasn't allowed to bring her ball in (because she'll beg and cry until we throw it over and over again) and so she took her ball out to the loungeroom where she tried to get Mum and Dad's attention. Dad was sitting at the table and told her no and Mum was in the kitchen and told her no and all of a sudden Trixie jumped up and sat on the back of the couch because she knew it would get their attention - and then looked at them like "what? If you threw my ball I wouldn't have to do this...."

Recent Drama: Coming home to find my fridge on FIRE! 

In the morning I'd smelt this weird burning/gas smell which Mum thought was just the central heating (as we'd turned it on for the first time since last winter) and I went off on my walk - only to come home and find the smell had intensified and I could hear this faint zapping sound too. 

I went all around the house and came back downstairs to the fridge when I realised that was the problem. Luckily Jesse and my Dad were still home and I got them to pull the fridge out from the cupboard and that's when we found the back was on fire. There was smoke everywhere and it STUNK and we had to carefully switch the power off without getting electrocuted because the water filtration system had sprung a leak and was leaking down onto the power (hence the electrical fire/zappingness). 

NOT the kind of drama I needed before work on a Monday morning. 

Recent Purchases: But it's okay, because WE GOT A NEW FRIDGE! And it is beautiful and I am pretty much in love with it. 


Recent Sights: This car with a little wind up key 😜 It totally amused me whilst we were sitting in traffic the other day and I took a sneaky photo to share. 


Recent Adventures: We headed down the coast a little bit on Sunday for an outdoor adventure.... but if you read this post you'd know it didn't go exactly as planned 😝

Recent Success: Hand lettering this chalkboard.... because I'm a perfectionist who is also left handed and feels successful when her chalk board designs are a) not smudged and b) look half decent 😜

Where are my fellow lefties at?! Who feels successful when they don't smudge smudgeable writing (don't even get me started on birthday cards!).


Recent Recipes: I realised I went from one extreme to the other with this week's recipes.... An Easy Gluten Free Cookie Ice Cream Cake Recipe that's perfect for summer and a wintery Homemade Gluten Free Vegetable Soup Recipe.

But tell me, how has your week been? 
Have you ever had something in your house catch fire? 
And what's one success from your week? 


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