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Friday, May 12, 2017

Recent Things: The Story of Chanel and Cleverness

Well hey, sweet friend! Happy Friday!

This week has been a bit of a blur of busyness and I don't really know how it's Friday already but it is and the weekend is near and I cannot wait for some much needed R&R!

But first, let me share our week with you >> 

Recent Birthdays: This week miss Chanel turned 9 - and I somehow only just realised she was 12 weeks when I got her so she must have been even tinier as a baby!

I don't know if I've told the story on the blog before, however, Chanel was an early unexpected birthday present for my 16th birthday. 

You see, I had always been terrified of dogs and whilst I wasn't afraid of our dog Gizmo (who was originally bought thinking it might stop my fear of dogs... it didn't... I just hid from the 2 inch puppy and sat perched on the backrest of the couch so she couldn't touch me), I wasn't really as connected to her as my sister was and I really wanted my own dog.... but I didn't actually know that was what I wanted. 

My parents had been shopping at a shopping centre that morning whilst I was at home hanging out with my friend and they came home and said to my Pa and us "we just saw the cutest dog at the pet shop. Kristy you would have loved her". 

Almost immediately, my Pa started fumbling for his wallet. "You go back and buy it right now! It's almost her birthday? It can be a birthday present.. I'm paying". 

All of a sudden it was a flurry to get into the car and drive back to the shopping centre, anxiously hoping no one decided to buy this cute puppy before I got to see her. 

And there she was. 

A teeny tiny little ball of fluff that I fell in love with instantly. I picked her up and she nestled right into me and when I put her down she'd bounce across the floor to get right back to me. 

I did have a moment of should I really be doing this because I am the least impulsive person in the world and this was an expensive decision to make (I get really weird about spending money on myself) but whilst my parents told me it was my choice, I think they were desperately hoping I said yes too. 

And thus, the little teeny tiny puppy came home with us, she decided her own name (I had two front-runners and a few other names but we put her in the backyard and called out the names to see which one she'd come running to... every name she sat and turned her head at until we said Chanel and she came running... we'd put her back and do it again... hello Kristy's need to make a perfect decision... and she'd only respond to Chanel again).

Luckily I didn't call her my second choice of name... Coco... because my cousin was born and named Coco just a week later 😝

Recent Laughs: We babysat our favourite boys on Saturday night and when we arrived they asked if we wanted to play Monopoly. 

Jesse was so excited because he loves Monopoly but I think it's the most boring game in the world so he quickly said yes.... only to find out that S's rules are not the normal Monopoly rules. 

In S's game the aim is to get around the board once. Instead of buying properties, you just get whatever the amount is on the space to put in your own personal bank and you get in jail just by landing on that space. When Jesse was in jail, he had to roll a 1 to get out - but when S was in jail? He had to roll a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 😜

But check out the sign on their playroom door? They are so clever and F is seriously the best lego creator ever. He can build things off the top of his head in 0.00001 seconds flat.

Recent Confusion: Speaking of being clever, our pups are seriously clever... particularly Chanel. 

Every day when my Mum is at work, they'll sleep and do their own thing and play all day long - but when 3:20pm hits? Chanel will grab her toy, run to the front door and wait on the carpet. 

She'll sit there until my Mum comes home, listening intently to hear the sound of her pulling into the driveway and standing up as soon as she hears her open and close the car door.

I have no idea how she knows it's exactly 3:20pm but she does. Yesterday Mum didn't come home from work until 4:30pm and Chanel came running to be at 3:35pm, looking confused like "where is she?!" 

Recent Work: We're still work work working on the spare room. Jesse has gone a little OTT and instead of sanding the woodwork back a little, he's decided he will sand it back to raw wood - so it's going to take a lot longer 😝

We also patched all of the walls (there were a few bubbles from a dodgy previous paint job that we had to pop open and scrape off) and I realised that cake frosting skills really do come in handing when you're patching walls. 

My patches were super neat with no excess - meanwhile Jesse's and my Dad's patches were super messy with stuff everywhere!

Recent Realisation: That my tea has quotes and proverbs on the label of each bag. I don't know how long they've had this but I've only just noticed it 😝

I get this brand from iHerb and my current favourites are the spearmint tea, licorice root and ginger.

And what do you think about that nail colour? When I first put it on I wasn't sure but now I love it. It's the daydreamer colour from Pacifica. I also got pink crush but it's a little too light for my liking. 


Recent Recipes: This week on the blog I shared two deeeeeeeeelicious sweet treats. This No Bake Cookie Dough Protein Balls Recipe that we can't get enough of - and this Lightened Up Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies Recipe that is lower in fat and sugar but seriously all sorts of delicious.

You totally need to put them on your weekend to do list!

But tell me, if you have a pet - how did you get them? 
And what's your favourite board game?
Trixie we actually got from a breeder on a farm a few hours away. She's a rough and ready farm girl who is not at all princessy like Chanel and she was brought to Sydney by friends of the breeders who were returning home from a wedding there. Their poor little girl didn't want to hand baby Trixie over and when we got her home she face planted into her food bowl because she was SO hungry and it's one of my all time favourite memories!
And clearly I was destined to be a writer because scrabble is my favourite board game.


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