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Friday, June 9, 2017

Recent Things: Puppy Pants, Puddle Jumping and Confusion

Well heeeeeyyy, friend!

I am super excited that it's Friday right now because it means a long weekend is on it's way!!! Yep, three days of blissful nothingness and my weekend is all booked up... with books because this girl needs a break and reading is the only way you can get me to sit still 😜

But before we get to the weekend, let me catch you up on the week! >> 

Big Little Lies Book Review

Recent Reads: Speaking of reading. I finished Kelly Rimmer's Me Without You in a flood of tears.... no seriously... I blubbered like a baby for the last seven or so chapters... and then I met up with my friend Kristy for a walk on Tuesday (and no I wasn't walking with myself - same name, different person... she just has a great name) and we happened to do another book swap which meant I returned home with Big Little Lies in my hand. 

I started reading it on Wednesday night and I am loving it so far! 

Recently Drinking: ALLLLLLL the hot drinks. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate - you name it, if it's teaming hot, I'll have it clutched in my cold little hands. 

The weather has been woeful here this week and I have been warming up any way possible. It was lucky that Kristy and I went for a walk on Tuesday morning because, by the afternoon, the weather took a turn for the worst and it's been raining ever since.

Right now it's not raining - but it looks like it's looming.

Recently Laughing At: Trixie wearing pants. 

If Trixie was a human, child protective services would probably know us by name. (Before people think I'm being serious and abusing my dog, that is a joke, friends).

Jesse put Trixie in these little Hello Kitty pants from one of my sister's old build a bears and it was hilarious. She wasn't quite sure what to think of them and kept sitting down (which looked even more hilarious) - and when she worked out she couldn't chase her tail she was so confused. 

Luckily I took them off her after about a minute so she didn't suffer for too long 😜

Recent Fails: First of all Hi Jesse, because I know you're going to be scrolling down on your phone reading this and think SHE PUT THAT ON HERE?! REALLY. The response to that question/statement/exclamation is yes, yes she did.

This is what happens when Jesse says "let's read instead of watching tv". He reads 2 chapters, turns over and falls asleep whilst I'm up getting a drink - and I return to find him asleep and Trixie in my spot. 

Unfortunately for them, I just moved Trixie over and kept on reading. You snooze, you lose 😝


Recently Watching: Rainy sunsets... and realising the whole "red sky at night, sailor's delight" thing is a lie.... unless sailors like rainy miserable days because that was what followed that sunset! 

Recently Avoiding: Puddles. Yesterday it stopped raining for a while in the morning so I took the opportunity to head out for a walk.... which could have been more of a swim as there was puddles everywhere.

This puddle was way deeper than t looks (the road dips down)  and there was no way I was getting through it - so I climbed under and around the bush on the right to go around it. 

Recently Amused By: Jesse's need to create the ultimate fire pit. He already spent a small fortune when he first got his firepit, but this week he had to go out and by all these pullies and new tools and the like to completely overhaul it before the big men's get together on the weekend.

I have no idea, friends.

Recent Puppiness: Whilst our puppers might be fluffy, they still feel the cold. This week they've been snuggling up to eachother or anything they can find - blankets, clothes, beds, us - you name it, if it's warm, they're there.

But tell me, how has your week been?
What have you got planned for the weekend?
And what's the weather like in your part of the world?
Edited to add: Totally jinxed myself on the not currently raining thing. It's now pouring. No walk for me!


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