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Friday, June 30, 2017

Recent Things: Puppy Problems and Park Fails

Well heyyyy! Happy Friday! 

This week has flown by and I feel like I've done nothing but work my booty off - but luckily I have more to share with you than that! 

So let me catch you up on our week!

Recently Spotted: A kingfisher - at one of my favourite little hideaways! I've never seen one in person before but now I have - and they are SO blue!

Recent Laughs: At the bookshop this week I picked up another 10 books only to have the lady at the counter say ummm, weren't you here last week... with a big stack of books? 

Um yeah, that was me. I have a reading problem.


Recent Success: Convincing Jesse to go for a walk with me on Saturday! We walked for about an hour through the park, mangroves and wetlands area and I managed to convince him that we should try Geocaching this weekend whilst we were out - so I'll have to let you know how that goes!


 Recent Randomness: We babysat on Saturday night and were out until 1am and totally struggling to stay awake.

So what did we do? Played with filters, of course.

Recent Puppy Happenings: Yesterday the puppies (mainly Chanel) drove me nuts. Our neighbours had people working on their garage and the workers were on the roof which happens to be right next to our backyard grassed area and the dogs went crazy barking at them. 

I brought them inside and the barking did not stop until they left. 

I had the worst headache and ended up taking both dogs for a walk just so they'd stop barking every 2 seconds.

If anyone knows how to stop your dog from barking, please let me know. Chanel is the worst. She's always been a barker (usually because she's scared) whilst Trixie is a little quieter. 

Recent Fail: They installed this new concrete path in the park which I noticed on my walk the other day. The first day I saw it they were still constructing it but the next day they were finished and there were no barricades or anything to suggest it wasn't walkable so I decided to see where it went.

I was walking along and thinking oh this is lovely when I saw a fork in the path and thought "oh, I'll go left because that's down the other path" - only to then see that it wasn't a fork at all and rather a loop. 

The path went absolutely nowhere. I've got no idea what they're planning on doing with it but it's pretty useless. 

Recently Listening To: The Serial Killers podcast. I've listened to almost every podcast on my list so I've been looking around for a new one. This one was recommended on the Actual Innocence podcast and so far so good!

Recent Frustration: Jesse's obsession with his computer.

Yes, that's a computer (or a tower or whatever he tells me they're supposed to be called) and not some dancing cube in a nightclub.

Recent Fun: My Dad got this new car washing soap spray gun that makes washing the car super easy - but it also makes it look like the car has been caught in a snow storm 😝


Recent Recipes: This week on the blog I'm all about the sweet stuff. You NEED to make this Vegan Banana Pancakes Recipe for breakfast on the weekend - and make a double batch of this Paleo Double Chocolate Muffins Recipe for snacks and desserts too!

But tell me, how has your week been?
What are your weekend plans? 
And are you a podcast fan? What are you listening to? 


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