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Friday, July 28, 2017

Recent Things: That Time I ALMOST Died


As always, I am so glad it's Friday because I am ready for a break... and hopefully a healthy enjoyable break, not a sick flu-filled weekend like last week!

But before I can get to the weekend, I've got to catch you up on the week!
Here's what's been happening in our world recently! >> 

Bushwalking in Sydney

Recent Discoveries: A park in our suburb that I have never walked through... and I've lived in this suburb my whole entire life.

It was absolutely beautiful but I unknowingly brought home a little friend.... you see, an hour after we got back, I put the jacket I was wearing back on (which was around my waist as we were walking) and then 10 minutes or so later I felt this searing pain in my chest and it felt like something was biting me. 

I pushed my hand against my chest and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror and what did I find? A caterpillar. 

I jumped, crushed it and looked at my chest to see it was completely red and there was this weird burnt impression of the caterpillar where it had been touching.

Insert American husband who still occasionally believes every creature in Australia is out to kill you who decides I need to make sure it's not poisonous because I could die.... so I start madly googling and questioning myself as to what colour it was before I completely squished it beyond recognition...

Fast forward; I didn't die... but it did hurt. 

Apparently in the future, should I ever be bitten/stung/whatever by a caterpillar, I don't need to worry... UNLESS it's green... apparently green means deadly in the caterpillar world. 

Enjoy Life Foods

Recently Enjoying: Little catch ups with friends - from impromptu tea and cookie catch ups after a SOS text message and a random driveway car catch up with a friend after swapping books back. 

I'm lucky to have amazing friends and I'm kind of wishing I could win the lottery so I could forget about working and spend all my time with them... #agirlcandream.

Seriously, people.. if you ever win the lottery - don't spend it all on yourself. The smart thing to do is share it around so your friends don't have to work either so you can all hang out.

A beautiful blue sky Sydney day

Recently Loving: Warm Sydney weather!

Beautiful blue sky days, sunshine and warm temperatures?! Oh Sydney, how I love you and your not-so-winter weather. 

Disney Monopoly Risk The Walking Dead Board Game

Recently Playing: ALL THE BOARD GAMES! 

This week we've played Disney Classic Monopoly (which took three hours because Jesse and I were the only ones playing... but if you love Disney YOU NEED THIS VERSION! SO cute!).

Then we played The Walking Dead Risk: Survival Edition which is a totally new-to-us game as we've never played Risk before. It took us a while to work out how to play it - but once we got it, we were hooked. Jesse won because the walkers kept eating my people.... womp womp.

The Game of Life Empire Board Game Resistor Card Game Noir Card Game

Then we played The Game of Life: Empire Edition (which is so much better than the original), Resistor (which seems really nerdy but is actually an awesome - and quick - strategy game that will bring out your competitive side) and Noir which is a beautifully illustrated card game that is 5 games in one and SO addicting.  

Lots of you have been interested in the games we've been playing lately so I'm going to be putting together a post with our favourite board games soon... stay tuned for that!

Operation Sunshine Jenny Colgan Book review

Recently Reading: Operation Sunshine. Here's hoping I have time to finish it this weekend!

Also, spot those new shades 😎 I got them given to me by the home of Eyeglasses Online, Glasses Shop, who have an amazing range of glasses and prescription sunglasses. They also gave me a coupon code for you guys to get 50% off if you like - GSHOT50. The glasses I got were these ones in tortoise and they're only $35! 

Recently Purchasing: More books...

This was the stack before.  Now add 10 books.

The latest additions are; 
How to Kill Your Husband, Kathy Lette (no, I'm not planning on killing Jesse... don't worry!) 

Recent Posts: The most deeeelicious Creamy Homemade Vegan Beet Hummus Recipe and also shared What I've Read in June and July

But tell me, how has your week been? 
Are you a board game fan? What's your favourite? 
And what are you loving at the moment? 


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