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Friday, July 21, 2017

Recent Things: Christmas in July and Lottery Dreams

Why hello, lovelies! It's Friday once again and I am so glad. This week has been full on - which sounds a little silly considering my weeks have been full on for a while now - but this week has been especially crazy and you can tell thanks to one specific symptom: carpal tunnel. 

Apparently my body doesn't like the fact I type like a maniac for hours on end because every now and again when I'm in the office working and typing a lot, I'll find myself on Thursday or Friday with the sorest wrists/arms/hands. 

But hey, I'm typing again because it's worth it to talk to you.

So let me catch you up on our week! >> 

Christmas in July Lunch with Friends

Recent Fun: A Christmas in July lunch with some of my favourite ladies!

Whilst I couldn't eat anything (coeliac woes!), I still came for the company and I was so glad I did as it was such a fun afternoon. I'm really blessed to have some incredible women in my life - from teeny tiny babies who will grow up to be incredible women to ladies who have seen and experienced so much in their years and have incredible wisdom to share. 

And also women with the foresight to take a photo because everyone else was too busy talking - thanks Sue!


There are actually three puppies there in that little house - a black one, a mostly white one and a brown and white spotted one. 

They were snuggled into each other and sooooooooooo cute. 

If I ever win the lottery, you'll know because all of a sudden I'll be moving to the country with my 23402304023404 puppies, a pig called Peggy and a few baby goats. I might even throw in a cow or too.... well... not throw... I'm not very strong....

I'll even keep blogging and annoying you with my ramblings - so it's a win-win for everyone!

Found It! Geocache in Oatley Park

Recent Adventures: We're still geocaching - and much to Jesse's distress, I am not learning to be more ninja like - and instead I rumble through leaves and make SO MUCH NOISE (his words... I think I'm being quiet... but I am a bit clumsy so maybe not...).

Round About Oatley Geocache Dead End Oatley Geocache

We knocked off three more geocaches on the weekend and all were really easy finds (2 by me, 1 by Jesse) but of course - one still eludes us and it's driving us mad.

Oatley Park Sunset Views

Luckily that spot has the most incredible views - so you can't be mad for too long!

Geocaching in the Park at Night Geocaching in the Park at Night

It didn't help that it got really dark really quickly (that's the same photo with one lightened up so you can actually see) and by the time we got home, it was completely dark. 

I stupidly decided we should take a shortcut through the wetlands and mangroves... but little did I know how creepy that place is at night.... especially when you've been listening to true crime podcasts... 

I was waiting for either 
a) a serial killer
b) a deranged cave dweller
or c) a fox with a taste for blood
to jump out and maul us to death. 

Luckily we survived and made it home with all our arms and legs. 

Eliyahu's Mistress Book Review

Recent Reads: Eliyahu's Mistress by Roger Mendelson. 

This book wasn't what I was expecting from the blurb... which is kind of silly, considering the title. Let's just say it is very much a romance - so much so that you probably don't want to read it on public transport because people might look over your shoulder and gawk 😆

That said, it was incredibly well written and an interesting story to read. It's a love story between the most unlikely of characters - but I can't say I liked the ending and I kind of wish it didn't focus so much on adultery... that could have even been left out of the book and I would have liked it better. Glorifying cheating on your spouse and getting away with it really isn't a good idea in my mind. 

If you can look past that side of things, it's a really interesting story - but I think it's important to put that out there as I know for many people, the subject of adultery is quite confronting or uncomfortable - and often upsetting too. 

Trixie getting in the way of my shot

Recent Disruptions: I had to take some photos for a client yesterday and decided to shoot them outside at home because the light would work better with the packaging materials. 

I set everything up, ran back inside to grab a prop and came back out to shoot - only to have Trixie stand right in front of the lens and not want to move. 

Luckily she's the cutest disruption ever. 

Book Store Price Rise Woes!

Recent Sadness: Going to the bookstore yesterday to find my magical $1 book room will soon be a $2 bookroom..

I think I might be the cause of this.... I've only purchased 40 books for $1 in the last month and they probably want to make more money than that 😜

Luckily I went yesterday to take my sister and even though I wasn't planning on buying any books myself - I ended up picking up another 10.... and Jesse thinks I'm crazy. 

Hearty Brown Rice and Vegetable Soup Recipe The Ultimate Monogrammed and Personalised Women's Gift Guide - Monogrammed Gift Ideas, Personalized Gifts, Birthday Gift Ideas, Christmas Gift Inspiration, Wedding Gift Ideas

Recent Posts: This week I shared this deeeelicious Hearty Brown Rice and Vegetable Soup Recipe as well as my Ultimate Personalised and Monogrammed Gift Ideas for Women

But tell me, how has your weekend?
What would you do first if you won the lottery?
I'd buy a house because #sydneypropertymarket is cray and then I would probably plan what i'd do with the rest because I'm definitely type A.


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