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Friday, July 7, 2017

Recent Things: Spiderman, Puppy Polaroids and Summer Dreams

Well heeeeeeeeeeey, friend! It's Friday again and it's also July and I'm not really sure how we got to either... but we have and that's okay because it means the weekend is almost here!!!! 

But before we get to the weekend, I've got to catch you up on the week!
So here's what's been happening in our world lately! >>

Glasses Australia


And yesssssssss, I realise that it's currently winter in Australia (though it doesn't really feel like it... whenever I'm working you'll find me inside in shorts and a t-shirt like it's summertime)  but I took full advantage of the end of financial year/mid year sales and bought all of the cheap summer clothes because we'll be in Hawaii in just 62 days!

I bought these wrap front shorts from Target for $10 a pair (and got them in two colours) and they are so light and soft and comfy. The sunglasses are also new from Optically who always have awesome sales on women's glasses. These ones were from their designer glasses range because I'm oh so fancy... but really I had to google Opium Eyewear because I'd never heard of them before and only chose them because they look good 😅

They're now sold out though which is a bummer... but I have my eye on my next pair already... 

My Mum calls me a caterpillar because I have so many pairs of shoes... and now she's realised I'm probably more like some insect with 100 sets of eyes because I also have way too many pairs of sunglasses and reading glasses (which I'm supposed to wear but usually don't). 

Things I Want My Daughters to Know Elizabeth Noble Book Review

Recent Reads: But if there's one thing I love more than sunglasses and shoes, it's books. 

I finished Things I Want My Daughters to Know on the weekend and loved it. I'm currently reading Not Without You by Harriet Evans which I'm not really that into - hence why it's taking me longer to finish than usual (I've been reading it since Monday and usually I'd be done with a book in 2-3 days and I'm only halfway).

I can rarely quit on a book though so I'm going to finish it... it just might take me a while.

Eliyahu's Mistress Book

Recent Additions to my TBR List: Eliyahu's Mistress will probably be the next book I read. I was sent it by the author and I'm looking forward to reading it. Roger is an Australian author and this is his debut novel.

Here's the synopsis; 

Set in present day Melbourne, the book is a seductive love story about Steven, a dynamic marketing man, Jewish but not religious, and Frances, a middle-aged practising Catholic woman who lives in the Dandenong Ranges.

When Steven begins developing a new business strategy for an established chain of Church-run op-shops, he quickly forms a strong working relationship with Frances, one of its board members.

Frances lives a life shaped by nature, her religion and the seasons. It provides her with contentment and a deep spiritual dimension.

The bedrock of their growing bond is the conversations they engage in as they learn more about each other through religion, history and the relationships that have defined them.

Both Steven and Frances maintain a steady control on their relationship with Frances experiencing a sexual awakening and Steven finding himself increasingly at odds with her deep spirituality. Even as their relationship becomes more and more intense, their time together is heading towards an unexpected and dramatic finish.


Recently Playing With: Polaroid cameras and puppies. I realised my Instax had unused film in it from our trip to New Zealand (which was a year and a half ago...) and thus I played with it by taking photos of the puppies. 

They've also been playing fetch a lot. 

If you've been reading SIL for a while (or at least since we got Trixie) you'd know that Trixie is obsessed with playing ball - but Chanel couldn't care less about playing fetch. 

Well.. apparently that has changed in the last month or so and now Chanel wants you to throw toys for her to fetch too. She's actually ridiculously cute when she chases after them because she bounces to them and back to you like a little bunny 😜

Puppies taking up all the room

They've also been lazing about on our bed whenever possible - and taking up all the room. 

Reading by the Fire

Recent Happiness: We had one night this week where it was super cold. Cold enough for us to turn the fireplace (which we haven't turned on once this winter so far!) so Jesse and I took the opportunity to grab our books and read by the fire. 

Spider man in the wild

Recent Randomness: Spotting a  random spiderman stuck on someone's roof at the shopping centre. As you do.... 

Claire the Southern In Law Recipe Tester

Recent Happiness: That even a cross country move can't stop Claire and Eric from being the ultimate SIL recipe testers!  

Which is a GREAT thing because it means a cross-global move shouldn't change that either... right Claire? 😉

Actually scrap that, you won't need to test recipes because I'll just share them with you. 

Geocaching in Oatley Park Geocaching in Oatley Park

Recent Adventures: Geocaching! Which I told you all about in our Geocaching Adventures post!

The Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe - Gluten Free

Recently Eating: ALL THE COOKIES! I posted The Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe this week which also meant we had to make a fresh batch just to photography and you know... test and stuff... that was totally why we needed another batch of cookies.....

But tell me, what's been happening in your world recently? 
What are your weekend plans? 
And what's the weirdest thing you've seen this week? 


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