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Monday, July 17, 2017

The Ultimate Monogrammed and Personalised Gift Guide for Women

The Ultimate Monogrammed and Personalised Women's Gift Guide - Monogrammed Gift Ideas, Personalized Gifts, Birthday Gift Ideas, Christmas Gift Inspiration, Wedding Gift Ideas

It is officially birthday season in our world. July and August are the key birthday months for the majority of our friends and family - including my own birthday!

And with my birthday just under a month away (August 12!), I thought I'd share some of my favourite gift ideas with you all! These are all tried and tested gifts that I own and love and that would be perfect for a lovely lady in your life!

Monogrammed and personalised gifts are currently on trend and I am so glad because they feel so much more special. They're my go to gifts when buying for friends and family as it can turn an average gift into something wonderful. 

So let me share my favourite personalized gift ideas with you! >> 

Monogrammed Jewelry Sydney

#1: Personalised Jewellery 
I'm a jewellery girl. I have dozens of pairs of earrings and a collection of favourite necklaces - and they are often a go-to gift idea for my friends and family as they know I'll wear and love them. 

Monogrammed Jewellery Sydney

Elvie Accessories (formerly Coco Liberace) are a Sydney based accessories company that specialise in personalised jewellery.

I have their Monogram Dot Bracelet (in gold with a K), Monogram Dot Necklace (in rose gwith a K) and their Personalised Signature Necklace (in silver, which each side personalised with a different message/detail - K♡J, Forever & Always, 12.10.13 and the eternity symbol). 

Personalised Bangles Sydney

I also have an engraved sterling silver bangle from Oh My Giddy Aunt which is hand engraved with our wedding date on the inside and you are my sunshine on the outside which I adore. I feel like hand engraving is a lost art and the lettering on this bangle is so beautiful. 

They also make incredible keepsakes -  take a look at their personalised anniversary gift ideas or their design your own range.

Monogrammed and Personalized Stationery and Notebooks

#2: Personalised Stationery
As a writer and a business owner, I have a lot of notebooks.

A few years ago they were always boring and plain store bought ones - but then I got some personalised Minted notebooks as a gift from a client and I've been hooked ever since. I get compliments on them at most meetings when I pull out my notebook and clients realise it's personalised (and I've probably sold hundreds professing my love for Minted when they asked where I got them from). 

Monogrammed and Personalized Journals, Stationery and Notebooks

Each year I also get a personalised planner for the year and usually add our anniversary photos from the year like the one pictured above.

Here is where you can find all of their Personalized Notebooks (which you can make into journals, planners, address books, lined notebooks etc). 

The notebook designs I have and love are; Blossoming Rainforest (pictured above in pink), Glitter Heart,  Feathers Dance, Flamingoes Galore, Nice Work, Modern Lacework, Painted Flowers and a heap of others but this list is getting long and I don't want to reveal my addiction too much 😜 

Monogrammed and Personalised Clothing and Jackets, Sydney

#3: Personalised Clothing
This is only a new find for me - like, the jacket literally only arrived last Thursday - but I am in love already! 

Exodus Wear make school jerseys and team shirts - but they also make these gorgeous black silk monogrammed and personalised bomber jackets. You can have the front and/or back embroidered - but I chose to keep it simple with my initials on the front.  

I haven't had the chance to take a photo of myself wearing it (but I'm sure you'll see it on the blog or social media soon) so I'll let their model do the talking - but it is a SUPER cute jacket and I am totally obsessed. 

Monogrammed and Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas

#4: Personalised Serveware
When Jesse and I got married, we got a bunch of adorable personalised gifts from our friends and family - and that kind of started the personalised gift obsession for me. 

We have these personalised drinking jars, a monogrammed serving platter (with J for Jones) and an engraved cheese platter (also with a J and Jones). 

I also really want personalised birthday plates... or maybe just one birthday plate we can each use on our birthdays - which is probably weird but I've always wanted one... as well as a Happy Birthday Jesus cake plate for Christmas 😝

Monogrammed and Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas

#5: Personalised Accessories
I feel like every woman and her dog (instead of man and his dog...) has a TDE Personalised Clutch so you're probably rolling your eyes at this - but bare with me. 

I've had mine for a few years now and love it.... but I don't actually use it as a clutch. I have the small and larger sizes and I use them to hold my kindle and iPad.

I also got this Kate Aspen Monogram Tote Bag as a gift which I love - and it's super affordable so it makes a great gift idea!

But tell me, if you could have any item for your birthday, what would it be? (Regardless of money, time, availability etc)
And when's your birthday? 
I am all about experiences, but if I had to have a thing... hmm... does a house count? 😜


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