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Friday, July 14, 2017

Recent Things: When Jesse Shot the Postman

Hello lovely ones! We made it to Friday again! 

Whilst I know quite a few of you have been enjoying summer break in the northern hemisphere, I've been trying to keep warm here in the southern hemisphere because the temperature has just decided to drop... 

I'm talking, the entire time I walk around the park I look a bit like a dragon because there is steam billowing out of my mouth and nose... okay maybe not billowing... but I will admit I purposely breath harder when no one is around just to see my breath... I am really 5 years old.... 

But enough about breathing (although very important), let me catch you up on the week!
Here's what's been happening in our world recently! >> 

Trixie asleep in our bed

Recent Cuteness: I went into our bedroom yesterday to find a sweater before leaving the house - only to find a very cute little puppy was not only asleep on our bed, but had pushed herself under the covers as well. 

So stinking cute!

The Birthday Countdown is on meme

Recent Realisation: My birthday is less than a month away... AGAIN! 

Let's be honest, the only reason I really care about my birthday is because of cake... and this year I have all sorts of delicious ideas so I may need to have multiple cakes.

Cockatoo sitting in the tree

Recent Surprise: My little cockatoo buddy that popped his head out of the tree and squawked at me. He looked pretty comfy and cosy up there. 

Claire's Southern In Law Banana Bread Jessie's Chocolate Zucchini Baked Oatmeal

Recent Happiness: This week lots of you have been busy baking and cooking my recipes - and I couldn't be happier! 

Claire made my The Best Healthy Banana Bread Recipe which she ate in a breakfast bowl with yogurt, blueberries and almond butter (YUM!), Jessie made my Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Bread Baked Oatmeal Recipe and added chocolate chips which I NEED to do!


Then there was Eat Your Plants' version of my Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Bars Recipe and Autumn's version of my The Best Easy Vegan Waffles Recipe (Single Serve).

There were also a bunch of other recipe photos that I didn't get a screenshot of because they were sent with disappearing insta photos and I got way too excited and replied without screenshotting. 

Jesse shot Matt the postie

Recent Laughs: I was in the city at meetings whilst Jesse was home from work early and I got this text message when I finished up. 

For reference, Matt is our postman/parcel delivery guy who Jesse has befriended (because they're both video game fans - they bonded over an EB Games parcel that Matt delivered)... and he didn't shoot him with a real gun. 

Jesse has this toy gun thing that's filled with jelly balls and he was using it to shoot the fence to scare the magpies away and he must have told Matt that (they have half an hour long conversations whenever he comes, no joke) and that lead to Matt asking if it hurt and Jesse showed him by shooting himself... which then lead to Jesse shooting Matt... 

And this, my friends, is why I sometimes think I married a weirdo. 

Not Without You Harriet Evans Book Review

Recent Reads: I finished Not Without You by Harriet Evans which was a bit of a so-so book. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it... I just think it could have been written better. The ending was really good so I'm glad I stuck with it - but in the middle I was a little bit bored.

I'm currently reading Eliyahu's Mistress which I'm really enjoying - but it's nothing like I thought it would be!

Unique Tree Art
Recent Wish: That a local artist would do this in the park because it looks so cool!

Honey Sweetened Chai Zucchini Muffins Recipe  Vegan Maple Peanut Butter Cookie Bars Recipe

Recent Recipes: This week I shared this Honey Chai Zucchini Muffins Recipe and this Easy Vegan Maple Peanut Butter Cookie Bars Recipe both of which are all sorts of delicious! 

But tell me, what's been happening in your world recently?
What are your weekend plans?
And what is the last thing you baked?


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