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Friday, September 29, 2017

Recent Things: Home Sweet Home!

Why hello there! We are back from Hawaii and SO glad to be home - and whilst I keep delaying uploading the six gazillion photos we took from the trip onto our computer, I'm really excited to share our adventures with you. 

But that will have to wait - because right now it's time for a quick catch up, recent things style. 
So let me fill you in on what's been happening! >> 


Recently Eating - In Hawaii: Dole Whip, Dole Whip and more Dole Whip. SO good. Also, heaps of rice cakes and peanut butter... somehow I managed to go through four whole jars of peanut butter in three weeks. FYI, these rice cakes and these rice cakes are the bomb dot com.

Recently Eating - Back Home: ALLL THE FRESH PRODUCE. Seriously, the first meal I made had 7 different vegetables in it. I am SO glad to be back in my own kitchen with shops that stock all that I want to eat!


Recently Adjusting To: The difference in weather... and time zone. We went from beautiful 30C weather in Hawaii with almost constant sunshine to gloomy Sydney days. It hasn't been cold, but it's been a little dreary. 

Also, I'm quite surprised at how poorly I've adjusted to the time difference. The time difference between Hawaii and Australia works out to be Sydney time + 4 hours (but the day before) and I adjusted easily when we arrived in Hawaii - but have been waking up at 4am wide awake for the last couple of days... luckily this weekend day light savings starts so my 4am wakeups will be a more acceptable 5am :P

Recently Laughing At: This poor doggo. I can't stop looking at it, hahaha.

Recently Planning: ALL THE HOME DECOR PROJECTS! I'm heading to IKEA today to confirm my desk choices and look at some other ideas and then we'll probably give the room another coat of paint this weekend as I can see a little bit of the old colour bleeding through and it's driving me nuts. 

And if one project wasn't enough, I've also decided to completely overhaul our bedroom as it's been getting on my nerves for far too long and it's time for a makeover! So I'll have to share that too! That's not getting a paint job though - but that gives me an awesome opportunity to show you how to revamp a space without any kind of painting or wall papering. 

Recently Enjoying: ALL THE PUPPY CUDDLES! It's clear they missed us immensely because they will not leave our sides.

Oh how I love our sweet puppy girls! And of course, they got plenty of new toys and presents when we arrived home too! How can you resist spoiling these sweet girls?!

Recently Searching For: A white lace dress for our anniversary photo shoot - to pair with a denim jacket. Everything I've found has been too short or too low cut or not the right style and I just want one like this :P 


Recently Posting: ALL THE RECIPES! In case you missed them while we were away, here's what recipes have been posted on the blog lately; 

But tell me, what has been happening in your world recently?
Blog friends, I've been slack on reading your posts whilst away - but I'm catching up now! :)

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