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Friday, October 6, 2017

Recent Things: Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter & Progress

Totally going to complain right out of the bat - but let's get it over and done with, shall we? I love long weekends... like really love... so much so that I think there should be a day inbetween Saturday and Sunday called FUNDAY.... but what I don't love? Short weeks. 

This was has been stressful. With having a long weekend and only just getting back from a three week vacation, I've had more things to do than seconds available to do them and I am feeling it.... so I'm kind of glad it's Friday and the weekend is here. 

But it's not all bad, lots of good has happened this week and I'm going to share it with you!
So let me catch you up on the week that was! >>

Recent Purchases: I guess I don't stress eat, I stress buy so I can stress eat later 😜

Actually no, I've been waiting to find out when this would be in stock for a while and I finally got the notification. What is it? PUMPKIN SPICE PEANUT BUTTER! 🙌

I bought some last year and fell in love and bought three more jars - only to find it was really a seasonal product and they completely sold out... until now. Do yourself a favour friends and buy some for yourself ASAP because it is SO good! 

I also bought some rice cakes whilst I was shopping. I fell in love with the kettle corn flavour in Hawaii so I bought Lundberg's Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes, Mochi Sweet Rice Cakes, Caramel Corn Rice Cakes and Cinnamon Toast Rice Cakes. So I'm going to be the SNACK QUEEEEEN! 

Mad Moves Kickstarter Game

Recent Discoveries: Mad Moves. It's a new game on Kickstarter that looks seriously awesome. 

It sounds like a twist on charades. Each turn, you choose a card and spin the spinner to find out what dance you need to perform. It could be a flamingo doing the limbo, a unicorn doing the twist or a ballet dancing ninja. Everyone has to try and guess what you are - or you get hit with a rotten tomato. 

They have a video here so check it out if you're interested. 

Recent Room Progress: We returned home from Hawaii and jumped right back into our room makeover project.

We did another coat of paint on the ceiling and woodwork and ripped apart the built in wardrobe that was there. The ugly mirrored doors came off, all the shelving came out and we put a coat of paint on the back wall. We'll then be adding in some cabinets, a desk top (for a standing desk option/extra desk space), pin boards at the back and a gallery wall on each side. I'm really excited to see how it turns out and I can't wait to show you once it's complete!

We've got all of the furniture built now so it's all systems go! 

Oh and if you're wondering why we didn't just take down the wardrobe frame completely - there's two reasons for that. The built out part on the right hides the airconditioning duct which means the right hand side has to stay - and taking the rest apart would mean we'd have to patch the roof in two places as there's a man hole and a gap at the top that's hidden away. 

Gotta make the most of what you've got, right?!


Recent Decisions: Well actually, it's not a decision yet as I don't know if either is going to fit into the space - but I've been vaguely choosing between these two chair options. 

Option 1 is a standard chair - whilst option 2 (that's two put together) is a chaise lounge that is BEYOND comfortable.

Option 2 is $50 more than option 1 and also comes in the same dark colour but it is so much more comfortable... like ultimate reading chair material... so it's not really a choice, other than the fact that option 1 looks a little better.

But what do you think. Looks or comfort? The other issue is, if I get option 2 - will I ever want to leave it?! My clients may call me on a conference call and I'll be lazing like the Queen of Sheba, hahaha.

Going for a walk with Chanel

Recent Bad Decisions: Taking Chanel out on a walk when there's heaps of construction going on in our neighbourhood. 

Chanel is a massive scaredy cat so big trucks + construction noise + lots of random construction people + lots of random construction junk made for quite a scary walk for the poor pupper. 

Snuggling with the Puppers

Recently Enjoying: ALLL THE PUPPY SNUGGLES. 

I'm pretty sure the dogs are glad we're home... and we are so glad to be home as well!

And of course, Jesse has been getting in on the puppy snuggles too! We love our girls!


Recently Posting: ALL THE HAWAII POSTS... or.. you know... two... 

This week I didn't have time to actually cook and photograph anything for the blog, so you get double the holiday recaps! I promise they're good though!

Here are the posts: 
SIL in Hawaii: Music and Magic - Two Must See Shows in Honolulu
SIL in Hawaii: The Luxe List - Five Star Dining and Accommodation in Honolulu, Oahu

But tell me! How has your week been?
What have you been enjoying this week?
And what's the last thing you purchased?

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