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Friday, November 10, 2017

Recent Things: Comparisons and Appreciating the Little Things

Well hey! Somehow it's Friday again and it's time for a Recent Things post! I saw something on Pinterest yesterday that says the week goes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, BLINK, Monday - but in my world I think it goes; Monday, BLINK, Friday, BLINK, Monday.

Maybe I need to get my eyes checked 😉

As always, this week has been full on - but I have lots to share with you so let's jump into it. 

Here's what's been happening in our world recently >> 

Chanel as a Puppy and Today

Recent Comparisons: I was taking a photo of Chanel yesterday when she turned her head and I realised I had taken almost exactly the same photo when she was a puppy.

There are 8 years of difference between these photos. On the top, Chanel was 1 1/2 and today she's 9 1/2. Still just as loveable as ever though!

Book Flat Lay - Four Meals for Fourpence by Grace Foakes

Recently Reading: Four Meals for Fourpence. This is a true story as Grace retells her childhood and it's fascinating. Whilst I wouldn't say I love love loved it, it really really interesting to get a look into life around the time of the great depression.

Jacaranda Trees in Full Bloom

Recently Enjoying: Jacaranda blooms in all their fluffy purple glory... and also watching out for them because those suckers are slippery after it rains and they lay out all over the pathway. 

Purebaby Organic Kids Clothes Australia

Recently Rounding Up: All the gifts for our Christmas gift guides! Here's a little sneak peek of what you might see in our kids' gift guide! These Purebaby Outfits are SERIOUSLY cute.

Raindrops on Flowers in the Garden

Recently Appreciating: The little things. Like raindrops on flowers, fancy coffees on busy days of work, clients who appreciate my ideas and talents, family who I can laugh with on a daily basis, a husband who has been making the effort to make the bed - even with all my extra cushions and throw rugs, ideas that turn out better than expected - the list goes on and on.

Sophie Kinsella Twenties Girl

Recent Find: A Sophie Kinsella book I haven't read. I actually didn't pick this one up as I couldn't believe I didn't have it at home - but I've checked and it seems I don't have it! Or at least I don't think I have it... because I haven't been able to find it. I think I'll have to put Twenties Girl on my kindle list - or go back and buy it!

Trixie having a sleep on my chair

Recently Finding: Trixie and Chanel snuggled up on my chaise lounge. I spread the blanket out the other day (as Chanel has a bad habit of sucking her foot and I didn't want her leaving marks on the chair) and then found Trixie snuggled into the blanket when I went back into the room. I think they're happy with the new space.

Watching Stranger Things with the Family

Recently Watching: Stranger Things with Jesse and my parents. Jesse and I were hooked last year but my Dad mentioned watching it and we decided we'd watch it from the beginning with them. 

At first they were a bit so-so about it, but a few episodes in and they would. not. stop. watching. 

Jesse and my Dad have been away for work so Mum and I are anxiously awaiting their return to continue with Season 2 tonight.

Whatever is she doing

Recently Working On: A few projects for my new office. I think I might share this one on the blog so stay tuned!

The Best Easy Cornflake Cookies Recipe. A slight more healthy version, these cookies are gluten free, lower in fat and sugar and nut free and still taste just as good as the classic recipe. Perfect for Christmas Cookie Exchanges, school lunchbox treat An honest review of Koala Foam Mattresses - plus a vacuum sealed mattress unboxing video

But tell me, 
How has your week been? 
What are some little things you've been appreciating this week? 
And what are your weekend plans? 
We are hopefully doing our very belated anniversary shoot - if the weather holds! It was cancelled last week so I'm hoping it's a beautiful blue sky day on Sunday!

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