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Friday, December 22, 2017

Recent Things: Weddings and Wrinkles

Why hello there, lovely one! Can you believe Christmas is just days away?! 

I am writing to you in a bit of a rush as I'm off to play Santa myself (well, not the jolly guy in the red suit Santa - but the delivering gifts kind) - but I wanted to fill you in on our week before I  rush off!

So let me catch you up on what's been happening in our world recently >> 

Recent Fun: On the weekend we celebrated our friends' wedding! And because I am that kind of person, that meant two fun outfits! It was a church reception and picnic wedding (on a really hot day!) so I went for a more formal look for the ceremony (this silk dress is from TK Maxx, paired with black heels and a TDE personalised clutch) and a more casual look for the reception with a chambray shirt dress, black sun hat, brown leather sandals and brown leather purse (similar in style to this one).

Recent Baking: ALLLLL the Christmas treats. Especially my Gluten Free Snowball Cookies Recipe which makes the perfect homemade gift! I've been packing them up in cute Christmas tins and delivering them all week long. 

Recent Excitement: I'm excited for Christmas! Jesse and I don't buy gifts for each other but we do buy gifts for our family - and we're having a barbecue and pool party with some of our friends on Christmas Eve that we're looking forward to! 

Recent Additions: New games! We received Jungle Speed as a Christmas gift and just bought Space Poo and an expansion to one of our favourite games - Boss Monster!

Recent Surprises: Christmas deliveries! Yesterday I got an interesting package from Wrinkles Schminkles which I'm looking forward to trying! The whole Wrinkles Schminkles concept intrigues me as I don't know whether I'll be able to keep them on all night! I'll give you an update! 

Jesse happily devoured the Gingerbread Cookie inside so it was a win-win for all 😜

Recently Loving: My puppy coworkers! 

How could you not love these snuggle babies?

Recent Adventures: We went looking for Christmas lights earlier this week and decided we need to move suburbs as we found a suburb full of Christmas spirit! Almost every house was decorated!

Recent Fail: Running out of chalk pen halfway through trying to create a new chalkboard.... and then finding the stores are out of stock. Noooo!

Recent Decor: I added a new little gnome buddy this week - found on sale at Coles!!

Recent Posts: This week on the blog I shared this delicious 4 Ingredient Gluten Free Chocolate Fruit Cake Recipe that you still have time to make - and i gave you a tour of my office in this Spare Bedroom to Home Office Makevover on a Budget post.

Recent Results: Last week I shared our YouTube Yay or Nay anonymous survey (which you can still fill out) and the verdict is an almost unanimous yes - which makes me nervous hahaha.

Only one person voted yes and most of you wanted personal Vlogs. I had to laugh because there were quite of you who just wanted to hear what I sound like - the answer is like a little kid with an annoying excited voice.

We've got a fun idea for videos that we've got to get to work on. Let me just say, it won't be all about us (because we're pretty boring), they'll be quite short (because if I'm going to watch a video, I don't have time to be there for hours.., or more than 10 minutes) and you'll get to meet our friends. Stay tuned!!

Now, I'm off to the city to deliver some cookies - so be sure to follow us on Instagram to see what we get up to over the weekend. 
But tell me, how has your week been?
Are you doing anything exciting for Christmas?
And what's the last thing you baked.

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