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Friday, February 23, 2018

Recent Things: A LONG Awaited Sequel

Well hey! Happy Friday!

This week seriously flew by for me - but I'm not complaining because we have an exciting weekend ahead! Last weekend was a very productive weekend and this week has been a productive one too - so I'm ready to RELAX! 

But before I can get to the weekend, let me catch you up on the week!
Here's what's been happening in our world recently! >>

Mitch Albom The Next Person You Meet in Heaven Pre Order

Recent Excitement: THIS! The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom is one of my favourite books of all time - and he's finally released the sequel! I've already preordered my copy here and now I just have to wait. SO excited!

Alexander McCall Smith Friends, Lovers and Chocolates Book Review

Recent Reads: This week I got an email from Kelly who asked if I share ALL of the books I read on Instagram. 

The answer is sometimes. I don't share all the books I read because I read so quickly - and I don't necessarily share them just as I finish them. The reason is, I don't want to bombard you with books if you're not interested in them so I'm not sharing a book post every single day. 

This week I read Friends, Lovers, Chocolate and Everybody Rise which I didn't love - but I've also read and LOVED Small Spaces by Sarah Epstein (not yet released) and The Knife of Never Letting Go and The Ask and The Answer (book one and two of the Chaos Walking Trilogy) by Patrick Ness. 

I haven't shared those last three books yet because I want to wait to finish all three books of the Chaos Walking Trilogy - and because I wanted to wait just a little bit longer to share Small Spaces since it still has a while until it's released.

In the next week, I'm planning on reading book three of the Chaos Walking Trilogy (I thought I'd just read book one and move onto something else - but it hooked me in about halfway through and I needed to find out what happened next) as well as The Memories that Make Us by Vanessa Carnevale that just released this week!

Jesse are reading the Chaos Walking Trilogy together before it is released as a movie!!

Recent Purchases: NOT by me. 

We went to TK Maxx on the weekend to pick up some Easter decorations... which we got.... but we also came home with a massive ape head. 

It's life size. 
I am not a fan. 

You see, Jesse had seen this a month or so ago at TK Maxx in Top Ryde and I told him NO he could not have it (and it was like $90) and he sulked ever since and kept reminding me that I was the meanest wife ever because he couldn't have it. 

And then we were at a different TK Max store that I thought was safe when out of the corner of his eye, he spots the damn ape head. 

He promptly picked it up and told me he HAD to have it because it was a sign that he needed it... and I couldn't really say no when it was reduced to $14.95 - but I told him it was not to go anywhere on display and could only be kept in his office. 

Seriously I think our future offspring are going to have ape anxiety if he keeps this thing...

Recently Loving: My sleepy snuggly puppies. 

Oh and remember that pink pom pom throw I told you about last week? It's safe to say we love it. 

Recent Accomplishments: Making a bookshelf, completely from scratch - AND IT LOOKS GOOD! 

Seriously, I am so impressed with us. We may still have a dozen splinters in our hands - but we made a bookshelf from scratch in a single day - save for a few hours the day before washing the boards. We made it from old fence pailings for an upcoming decor theme - but I think I'll have to show you how we made it soon. 

All in all, it cost us like $9 - plus $4 for a pack of screws that we didn't end up using because the wood was WAY too hard for them. 

Recently Celebrating: My Mama's birthday with homemade pecan pie! I used my Healthier Pecan Pie Recipe for the filling in a store bought crust because I THOUGHT I was going to be limited on time (as I had meetings scheduled all day tuesday) but ended up having the whole day - but hey! It works!

Unfortunately it wasn't gluten free though so now I think I need to make myself one!

Recently Enjoying: Gorgeous mornings in the park - as always!

Recently Sitting: In my favourite chair, with my new favourite blanket with a cup of tea and my bible. 


But tell me, how has your week been?
What's one accomplishment from your week? (Staying alive/not killing your kids/husband/plants/pets counts if it's been a crappy week)
And what's the last thing you purchased?
The last thing I purchased was my The Next Person You Meet in Heaven preorder!

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