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Friday, February 16, 2018

Recent Things: Detours and Wife Cakes

Why hello there, lovely one! Happy Friday!

I've just been for a walk and am sitting at my desk with a coffee on my right and my teeny tiny fan on my left because it already feels sticky and humid. 

But I'm not complaining because I am 110% a summer girl and NOT looking forward to winter.  But before I jump ahead of myself too far - I've got to catch you up on the week. 

So let me share what's been happening in our world recently >> 

Where to buy Throw Rugs on Sale in Australia

Recent Acquirements: Acquirements makes it sound fancy instead of purchases/arrivals (it's shopping logic - you tell your husband that and he's like ahh instead of "YOU SPENT HOW MUCH?!?!?). 

Speaking of winter, I'm getting winter ready by buying ALL THE COSY THINGS. 

Like this Montana Faux Fur Throw Rug. YOU GUYS. It is so warm and cosy... and heavy! In winter time I like to have all the heavy/cosy blankets so this one I know will be a favourite. It's fleece lined on the back so you have the super lush fur on one side and the cosy fleece on the other. AND it's on sale right now - which is a win with this bargain queen. 

If you read my Valentine's Home Decor Inspiration post, you'd know that I have been looking for a vibrant pink throw rug - and I found one! I also got this Anton Raspberry Throw which is kind of a pink/purple/magenta colour AND HAS POM POMS! and was also on sale. 

It's also super thick and will be perfect for winter. It also comes in six different colours (neutrals and brights) so if you're looking for a cosy knitted blanket - go check them out!

Recent Confusion: These wife cakes at a local Asian grocer. 

I'm confused... do they help you attract a wife? Are they a cake like your wife would make? Will they convince someone to be your wife? 

I wish I could eat anything because I would TOTALLY be trying one of those... and everything else in the Asian grocer.

I never know if I can actually buy anything in there because I don't know if things are actually gluten free or what they contain etc. I need a nice Asian friend to help me navigate the aisles. Any takers?! The last time I asked a staff member they thought I was asking about glutinous rice flour.... which I ALMOST bought - but then again, is cross contamination a thing? I don't know. 

So many questions. 

Recently Appreciating: My morning view. 

I had to take a forced detour earlier in the week because the local council guys were marking new road lines (but not arrows - that would be too much work... so now we have SUPER BRIGHT lines on 200 metres of the road and then really faint directional arrows) - but that was okay, because my detour through the bush took me down to the bay and it was the perfect morning for it. 

We definitely can't complain about where we live! 

I also had to take a bit of a detour yesterday when a HUGE tree (it was huge - I only took a photo of a section because see that bike wheel on the left? There was a lady climbing over the tree and I don't think she wants her bottom on show for thousands of people around the world) had fallen down in the wind the night before. 

I wasn't sure why the park had barriers up stopping cars from going through one section (which is one way) or why the top gates were closed - but then I came across the tree and it all made sense. 

I just waltzed through the gates like the rebel I am. 

But really, I was secretly worried that I had made a bad decision and the barricades were up because a tree could fall down at any moment and I'd be squashed to death. I am definitely not a rebel at heart...

Recent Giggles: This shirt - which my husband CERTAINLY could have created.

It's no secret that Jesse lives for food. 

Recently Reading: ALL THE PINK BOOKS! 

I've actually already finished these books (photos and reviews to come on Instagram soon). 

Handbags and Gladrags (worth a read if you like Sophie Kinsella etc), The Dilemmas of Harriet Carew (not so much a fan) and Everybody Rise (kind of like Crazy Rich Asians in that it follows the story of a girl trying to fit in with the upper class whilst also having her own life secretly falling apart at the seams - only I really liked Crazy Rich Asians and didn't love this one).

I'm currently reading Small Spaces (I broke the pink theme because I couldn't resist this one any longer) and really enjoying it. It's not due to be released until April 1st - but if you love a good thriller, I think you need to save this to your list.

Recently Stopping: To smell the roses photograph the dahlias.

I spotted these beauties on my walk between home and the office earlier in the week. 

Unfortunately our thumbs aren't quite as green as our neighbours - but we can grow frangipanis! Both of my trees are in full bloom and smell SO good.


Recent Posts: This week on the bloggity I shared 8 Last Minute At Home Date Ideas for Couples and THE BEST One Bowl Paleo Brownie Recipe that you need to make ASAP! 

But tell me, 
How has your week been? 
What's the last book you read?
And if someone wanted to seal the deal and make you their husband/wife, what's the one food that might sway you? 

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