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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

March Styling: My Easter Home Decor

Easter Home Decor Styling – inspiration, easy easter decoration ideas, bright pastel home décor theme

Hello, lovely ones! It's now mid-March and I'm back for another month of decor goodness! As I've done since I've had my new office, I've changed up my office decor with a new theme for March. 

With Easter at the end of the month, I thought March was the perfect month for an Easter decor theme - especially as it gave me the perfect excuse to buy ALLLLL the cute bunnies.

So let me share this theme with you! >> 

Easter Decor Inspiration - Easter Peg Board Styling with Hessian Bunny Bunting, Felt Letter Board, Marquee Light and Ceramic Bunnies - Best Places to Buy Easter Decor in Sydney Australia
Bunting: Spotlight | Easter Word Carving: Bed Bath 'n TableBunny Light: Similar here
Letter Board: Kmart | Art Hanging: Amazon | Bunny and Egg: TK Maxx

For me, Easter is all about cute bunnies, pretty flowers and all the bright, pastel-y colours.

This month I knew I wanted ALLLL the pretty things and went on a hunt to find the cutest bunnies, florals and pastel coloured goodies. 

I shopped all over the place this month (and used some things I already had at home), finding that the best places for Easter decor at the moment are Bed Bath 'n Table, Spotlight and TK Maxx. 

The art hanging on the right hand side is also one of my winning purchases for the month! It's a magnetic art frame that you can attach to just about anything. The picture in the frame is one I simply printed off on a piece of regular A4 paper and attached between the frame. SO easy! 

Easter Decor Inspiration - Best Places to Buy Easter Decor in Sydney Australia

My other favourite purchase this month was this super cute Easter sign from Bed Bath 'N Table. I picked it up on sale for $12 - down from $14.95. Bed Bath 'N Table is one of those stores that often has members sales on - so it's worth signing up to be a member of their rewards club.

Easter Decor Inspiration - Ellia Diffuser Review and Cute Bunny Print
Plant: Peace Lily | Diffuser: Ellia 

On the other side of the room, I've got another new favourite! See that diffuser? I am OBSESSED! 

Easter Decor Inspiration - Ellia Diffuser Review and Cute Bunny Print Frame
Diffuser: Ellia 

Not only is it a diffuser, it plays music (think; relaxing spa sounds and soothing waves crashing onto the shore) and has rainbow lights. 

It's also seriously pretty and I feel like I can put it on display because it looks like it's supposed to be there. It's made of ceramic and everyone that has come over and seen it has found themselves wanting one. 

It would be perfect in a nursery or little kids' room too as you can dim the light (hello, night light!) and ditch the sound machine (hello, crashing waves!).

BUT, if you want to buy it - DON'T PAY FULL PRICE! Ellia gave me a discount code for you lovely people - so you can get any diffuser for 20% off with the code SOUTHERNINLAW.

Easter Decor Inspiration - Best Places to Buy Easter Decor in Sydney Australia - Pastel Color Coordinated Bookshelf
Plant: Peace Lily | Diffuser: Ellia | Bookshelf: DIY Pallet Wood Bookshelf
Pom Pom Bunting: Amazon | Cactus Pots: Amazon | Egg and Bunny: TK Maxx
Candle: Innoscent | Copper Bunny: Kmart (for $2!)  | Vase: TK Maxx

You might have already seen this on the blog last week, but this month we also made a DIY Bookshelf from Recycled Pallet Wood and whilst it was a serious challenge, it was a HUGE success and I am so in love with it! I decided to fill the bottom shelf with pastel coloured books, fill the middle shelf with the next books I plan on reading and then add in some extra bits and pieces wherever possible. 

Easter Decor Inspiration - Where to Buy Lifelike Artificial Flowers in Australia
Artificial Tulips: Amazon

The tulips in that vase above are fake as fake can be (because i'm not spending a fortune on flowers every few days) - but for artificial flowers, they look really realistic! They even feel quite realistic. 

I have them in white and light pink and I loveeee them! So much so that I may even be converted into loving artificial flowers!

Easter Decor Inspiration - Best Places to Buy Easter Decor in Sydney Australia - How to Style a Chaise Lounge
Blanket: Just Bedding | Bunny Pillow: Amazon | Fluffy Pillows: Amazon
Black Massage Pillow: Homedics | Tray: TK Maxx | Tea Cup: Amity Created

My reading nook is extra cosy this month! I got a new blanket that is the prettiest colour in the world (it's this Raspberry Pom Pom Throw) and matched that with a Bunny Pillow, some fluffy pillows and that black pillow on the right is actually a massage pillow from Homedics.

It's called the Sqush and is a vibrating pillow - which sounds weird, but if you're sitting down and reading a book and lean back on it, it's like a gentle, relaxing massage. I have lower back pain almost all the time (due to my Erb's palsy shoulder issues) and have been loving this pillow to relieve that. 

They've also given Southern In Law readers 20% off + free shipping on ALL products in the Homedics store. The only thing you won't get free shipping on is the foot massagers (which I have my eye on - this Compression Foot Massager with Heat sounds like it would be a DREAM in the winter time (just picture me, writing away with that under my desk - hello, heaven!).

Blanket: Just Bedding | Bunny Pillow: Amazon | Fluffy Pillows: Amazon
Black Massage Pillow: Homedics | Tray: TK Maxx | Tea Cup: Amity Created

And there you have it! That's what my office looks like this month! 

Next month, I'm not sure what my decor will look like. I'm thinking I might have to go for a super cosy cold weather friendly feel so I don't freak out the first time the temperature drops, haha!

But tell me, 
Do you decorate for Easter? 
What's your favourite decor piece in your home/office/wherever? 
And where is your favourite place to shop for decor? 

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