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Friday, March 9, 2018

Recent Things: Everyone's Sleeping But Me

Hellloooo lovely ones! It's Friday ALREADY?! 

This week has been all sorts of crazy as I've been a little bit snowed under with work - but getting $#!+ done so I can't complain! Butttttttttttt, by the same token, I am totally waiting for the weekend!

But before I can get to that,
Let me catch you up on our week! >> 

Recent Surprises: Last week after my Recent Things post, a beautiful package arrived on my door step containing a Blind Date With a Book

It was a Book Lover's Gift Set from Amity Created and inside was a book, a beautiful Mixed Blossom Fine China Tea Cup and Saucer.

The Blind Date with a Book had a clue on the outside, which read; 
"Enter a vanished world: Jackson Mississippi, 1962. Where black maids raise white children but aren't trusted not to steal the silver. Change begins with a whisper"

Fine China Tea Cup from Amity Created

Of course, it was The Help! One of my favourite books (it's on the must read section of my Ultimate Bookshelf Guide). 

The tea cup is absolutely gorgeous and has become my new favourite... because life is way too short to save the fancy tea cups just for special occasions! 

Recent Fails: This week has been a crappy week of sleep for me. I don't know why but I just haven't been sleeping well.

Everyone else though? They have been sleeping jussssssssssssssssssssssssssst fine.... on my chaise...

Under my desk...

On any random towel/blanket/soft object on the floor...

And in their beds too (actually, this is Chanel's bed which Trixie stole....). 

But me? Yeaaaah nope, sleep hasn't been good.

Recently Thankful For: Sleep might be escaping me - but the weather has been preeeetty fabulous lately. I'm holding onto the last bit of warmer weather (and dreading winter... but let's not talk about that!) 

Recently Recommending: Small Spaces (which is releasing April 1st!) and The Memories That Make Us to everyone and anyone.

Recently Creating: My Alice in Wonderland Nestling Dolls! Remember those blank nesting dolls I shared last week? Well, I got my paint brushes out on the weekend and created the first one - Alice!

I've yet to start on the rest as I can't decide what order I want to go in! I'm not the best painter in the world (or even like the average-st) but I'll give anything a go! 

Recently Wanting: A mermaid mug... because why not?!

Recently Playing: Go Fish Yourself! SO funny and so cheap. We could not stop laughing. 

It's kind of like Go Fish - only so much funnier as each card has you doing multiple tasks - from wearing socks on your hands for the rest of the game to covering up your teeth and only being able to use your middle fingers. We were in stitches laughing because, whilst doing one pair is hard enough - by the end of the game you'll find yourself trying to remember that you need to cover your teeth whilst holding your finger to your top lip, covering your hands with socks, touching your opponent and popping your booty out all at the one time. 


Recent Posts: This week on the bloggity I shared how we made a DIY Bookshelf Using Recycled Pallet Wood and the most delicious Paleo Chai Spiced Nut Bread Recipe.

This week I also finished off my Easter decor so I can share it with you next week andddd I've been planning an Easter craft - so stay tuned for that! 

But tell me, 
How has your week been? 
What's one thing on your wishlist?
And what are your plans for the weekend? 

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