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Friday, March 30, 2018

Recent Things: My House Plans Revealed!

Well hey there! Happy Friday! 

Today is Good Friday and a public holiday in Australia (and many other parts of the world) and the start of an extra (or should that be egg-stra) long weekend as we have Monday off too! But in the SIL world, an extra long weekend isn't enough as it's Jesse's birthday on Tuesday, so it feels like we get a mini vacation!

But before I can get to relaxing and enjoying some much needed time off work (and plenty of chocolate), I've got to catch you up on the week that was!
Here's what's been happening in our world recently! >> 

Recently Celebrating: 10 years of togetherness! Jesse and I have officially spent a DECADE together. That's a longgggggggggg time. Whilst five years of that time was spent 10,000 miles apart, we've spent the last five years together in the same place (and let's just say, whilst we rocked the whole long distance relationship thing, I am SO glad we aren't apart anymore!). 

Recently Realising: That this is my dream house floor plan.... not event kidding.

GIVE ME ALL THE BOOK SPACE! (but add in a dining room - that's important too, haha).

No new books to add to my TBR stack this week - but I am just about to finish Water Under The Bridge (which I am LOVING!) and i'm planning to start either The Lily and The Rose or The Rending and The Nest (or both!) this weekend.

Recently Realising: The Radical Element - such an awesome anthology of kick-ass women and girls. This is a real girl power book - and the hardcover version is SO beautiful. I should have taken a photo without the dust jacket because it has the most beautiful embossed metallic writing on the spice (and the cover is bright yellow - I think I might keep it on my bookshelf uncovered).

Recently Using: All my fancy tea cups and fun mugs. I've just cleared out my props cupboard so my tea cups and mugs are easier to get to so I can use them all the time - not just for photos! 

Recent Finds: Speaking of mugs, I just saw this one and I'm pretty sure I need it. I'm still adding to my Ultimate Mug Wishlist so if you're a fellow mug addict, go have a look 😛

Also - how come I didn't know there was an Amazon Bestsellers list until now? SO many good finds on there!


Recent Posts: This week on the bloggity I shared two delicious recipes - this Flourless Peanut Butter Blondies Recipe and this Gluten Free Ham and Cheese Impossible Pies Recipe. Both of which we are totally obsessed with!

But tell me, what are your plans for the weekend?
And if the Easter bunny was going to deliver you the ULTIMATE Easter treat - what would it be? 
To be honest, I'm happy with any kind of chocolate - as long as it's gluten free. 

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