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Friday, April 13, 2018

Recent Things: The Truth Behind Our Instagram Posts

Well hey there, sweet friend! Happy Friday!!

This week has been filled with so much stuff that I can't really decide if it feels like it's gone by slowly - or in the blink of an eye. Last Friday feels like a lifetime ago - but I also woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday.. so who really knows!

But enough of that, let's get to the point!
Here's what's been happening in our world recently! >> 

Recent Fun: Last Friday night, Jesse and I join our friends for a night at the football! 

It was the first NRL game (or any kind of football game) either Jesse or I had seen so whilst Jesse had some idea of what was going on (because he's watched games on TV), I had NO clue what I was getting myself into. 

I'm the least sporty person in the world. Workouts? Walking? Hiking? Yoga? Pilates? Sure thing! But sports? That's a no from me. 

Nevertheless, we had a really great night - and it's always fun to hang out with good friends!

Recent Reality Check: I just want to make sure you don't think we live over here in perfect land. 

You see this super cute photo of Chanel sleeping that I shared on Instagram

Let me show you the reality behind it. 

Sure Chanel was sleeping... and she was on a white blanket with a white wall behind her. But you don't see the mess or chaos next to her. 

My office is quite small in size and I was working on a big project on the other side of the room - meaning I had completely rearranged everything, making a HUGE mess. 

Also, can you see Trixie tucked behind the back of the chair? So cute!

But despite the mess and chaos, those puppies are pretty darn cute!

Recent Movies: We've been watching ALLL THE MOVIES lately. Mainly at home on Apple TV or Netflix - but we went out to see Sherlock Gnomes on the weekend which was super cute - though I do think Gnomeo and Juliet was better.

Tonight we're going to see The Quiet Place which I have heard so much about! It sounds scary good! 

Recent Reads: In the past week I finished The Lily and The Rose (so-so - unless you like period/historical fiction or Downton Abbey), The French Girl (definitely worth reading!) and started A Man Called Ove which I'm just about finished with.

Next on my list to read is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society so we can go and see the movie! 

Recently Listening To: Heal Our Land by Kari Jobe, on repeat. So so good! Also, Reckless Love is another fave.

Recent Plans: The weekend and i can't wait! As I mentioned above, tonight Jesse and I are going out to the movies and then Saturday some of my favourite ladies are coming over for a girl's night in. I think we might also go shopping on Saturday as Jesse needs an outfit for an upcoming wedding - and then on Sunday we're teaching Sunday school and then we might be going fishing (since Jesse got his fishing licence and fishing stuff for his birthday last week). 

House Fire in Oatley West Baker Street

Recent Craziness: Last night we were sitting in our room watching TV when we heard sirens screaming past our windows. It started with two fire trucks, which turned into what had to have been 10 fire trucks, 5 police cars, an armoured police car (like a SWAT team car - but I think in Australia we call it the specialist response group), 2 hazardous materials trucks and 2 paramedic cars. 

We had no idea what was going on (especially with that amount of emergency services!) and then soon found out it was a house fire near our house. Thankfully the woman who lived inside got out safely - but what a tragedy. I don't know who she is, but I've been praying for her and will be keeping an eye on local pages and newspapers to see how we can help.

So horrible. 

 How to Make a DIY Statement Pillow on a Budget  Grain Free Triple Cheese Muffins Recipe

Recent Posts: This week on the bloggity I shared How to Make a DIY Statement Pillow on a Budget as well as a deeelicious Grain Free Triple Cheese Muffins Recipe. 

I've had a few of you asking if I'm planning on sharing a decor update this month and the answer is yes! It's just a little later than usual and will be up on the blog next week! 

But tell me,
What's the story behind one of your Instagram posts? (Link it so others can see too!)
What are your plans for the weekend?
And what movies have you seen lately? 

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