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Friday, May 4, 2018

Recent Things: Guitar Playing Pigs

Well hey! Happy Friday!! 

I'm not quite sure how it's Friday already, but it is and I'm super glad because the WEEKEND IS HEREEEEEEEEEEEEE! 

This week has been pretty boring as I've just been working working working - but our weekend is an exciting one as we have lots of things planned - including a wedding!

But before I can get to the weekend, I've got to catch you up on the non-boring-bits of the week!
Here's what we've been up to recently! >> 

Recent Walks: I had to take an alternate route for my walk on Sunday as there was a fun run/running race in the park. I ended up having to take the loop I planned twice because I was back home in 10 minutes and felt like I wanted to keep walking - but check out that view!

Oh to have a gazillion dollars to live in those houses with a way better view than that... right?

I would even volunteer to do the dishes by hand if I had a view like that from my kitchen. (pfft, who am I kidding... dishwashers are better for the planet.... totally why I use them and not because I'm lazy...)

Recently Eating: Parmesan cheese with honey - because Claire said it was good!

And since Claire is the ULTIMATE Southern In Law recipe maker, I trust her judgement  😉

The verdict? It was good!

Recently Googling: Car warning symbols.

You never know how many darn warning symbols there are until you have to work out what one is. 

Jesse was driving interstate yesterday when that symbol popped up halfway through so he called me, worried, asking if I could google it. 

Apparently that symbol means you need to change your cars fuel filter... whatever that is. Needless to say, his truck will be going in for a service.

Recently Loving: My electric throw rug, even though it is TOTALLY a trap. 

Our house is mostly tiled - AND it's double brick - so that means as soon as the weather gets cold, the internal temperature of our house turns to FREEZING - particularly at night.

It can be beautifully warm outside but inside it's an ice box. 

SOOOOOOO I bought a heated blanket for my home office and it is SO good. FYI, I bought this one which was super cheap and so so good!

Recently Reading: Lovesome by Sally Seltmann - a quick read but I good one! I really loved the characters in this book (read my review here).

And I also finished The Half Sister which I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEED. So creepy and thrilling and so so so good. I really didn't know what was going to happen and it had me HOOKED! (Read my review here)

Recently Planning: This month's decor theme... which may become mid month/next month because the plans I had for this month have been pushed back.

This is a little mood board for what I have planned. The POLAR OPPOSITE of last month's rainbow theme - but cosy and cute for Autumn/winter. All this stuff is from Kmart because I wanted to see if I could do a whole room from a single store - and because I know so many of you love a bargain too! 

Recent Want: To be able to play guitar... or for someone to teach Jesse how to play guitar (because we have a guitar but neither of us can play it haha) orrrrrr for someone to buy me a tiny teacup guitar playing pig.


Recent Posts: This week on the bloggity I shared this 3 Ingredient Date Free Caramel Bliss Balls Recipe and my current fave - this DIY Healthy Instant Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe. SOOOOOOO good!

But tell me!
How has your week been?
What do you have planned for the weekend?
And if you could have one wish right now - what would you wish for? 

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