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Friday, June 29, 2018

Recent Things: SERIOUS Bargains and Lucky Charms


Can you tell I cannot wait until the weekend? I've been drowning in work all week  (#EOFYlife) and I am in serious need of a mental break - but there has also been lots of exciting stuff happening in our world this week so I have lots to share with you!

So let me tell you what's been happening in our world! >> 

Recently Shopping: Cotton On's EOFY sale. All of their sale stock is $5 or under and I picked up some serious bargains! Go shop now! 

Here's the links to the sale pages;
Stock is selling really fast ((I went to buy a few items last night and they had sold while I was thinking about them) so I won't blame you if you click over there and come back.

Recently Purchasing: Plane tickets for our US trip! 63 days to gooooooooo!

We had a few dramas where our dates changed back and forth but we got it all sorted out and we can't wait. We'll be in Louisiana for a week and California for a little over a week so we can soak up ALLLLLLLLLLL the time at Disneyland!

So, if you're a fellow Disney freak and want to meet up with us, TELL ME! 

Recently Playing: Our new board games! We finally had some time to play them last weekend and loved all of them! Here is their ranking, according to Jesse;
  1. Age of War (AU link here)
  2. Sushi Go (AU link here)
  3. Mr Toast (AU link here)
  4. Bears! (AU link here)
I think I'd agree with that list, but maybe swap Mr Toast with Bears because I think Bears would be so fun (and stressful) with a bigger group.

Recent Lucky Charms: Us, apparently!! 😝 On Sunday night we headed out to ANZ stadium with some friends to watch game 2 of the State of Origin and NSW won! 

We had "nosebleed seats" that were actually really good as we had a perfect view! And we couldn't complain for $50 or so a ticket!

We thought it would be a once off tick it off the bucket list and we're done kind of thing but we'd totally do it again next year - and it helped to have awesome company! We're so lucky to have great friends!

Recent Views: Fog, rain and gloomy days - well, at least for the past few days. Earlier in the week it was lovely and I'm hoping the blue sky glimpses I can see from my office window right now are going to stick around!

Recently Reading: ALL THE BOOKS! But I've only had a chance to photograph one of those (This weekend I'll share the rest!).

I've read and loved; When Life Gives You Lululemons (AU link here), Days of Wonder (AU link here) and Mercy Point (AU link here) and just finished The Lonely Hearts Cinema Club (AU link here) which I didn't love, but the characters were pretty cute!

The Best Gluten Free Baked Cinnamon Donuts Recipe

Recently Posting: Just a single recipe this week (because your girl was struggling to keep afloat amidst all the work and failed at blogging) but it's a good one! You need to make The Best Gluten Free Baked Cinnamon Donuts Recipe ASAP!

But tell me, 
How has your week been?
What's the last thing you bought?
And where do you WISH you were heading to vacation this year? 
I was totally hoping for a Hawaii trip but Jesse decided to one-up that and we're going to Disneyland so I am NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT complaining! In fact I'm so excited it's all I can think about, haha!

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