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Friday, July 27, 2018

Recent Things: The Time I Got EPICALLY Pranked... and totally fell for it

Helloooo! Happy FriYAY!

I am so glad it's Friday because it means Jesse is finally coming home after a week of working interstate and I get a break after another crazy week of work!

But before I can get to the weekend, I've got to catch you up on the week! 
Here's what's been happening in our world recently! >> 

Recent Puppyness: Unfortunately both puppies had surgery earlier this week.

Chanel had a nodule inside her ear that was really irritating her so we decided to have that taken out - and as both dogs needed their teeth cleaned we did everything all at once. This meant that both girls got to stay in the same kennel so they weren't stressing out. One of the vet assistants said someone had accidentally put them separately and she quickly grabbed Trixie to put her in with Chanel and they snuggled up next to each other and settled down. So sweet!

Trixie's was just a basic teeth cleaning but poor Chanel had to have a molar taken out on top of the nodule/polyp so she's been a little worse for wear. Luckily she's perked up this morning and seems to be back to her usual self (which Trixie is very happy about because she's been trying to wrestle me all week because Chanel had no interest in playing with her, haha).

Recent Purchases: An IKEA Kallax shelving unit which we promptly hacked. Here's a little sneak peek (crappy iphone shot) but I think I'll share a decor update next week since I haven't done one for a while! 

It's currently storing all of my excess books (I now have three full bookshelves in my office and previously filled my double depth cupboards as well so I was glad for more space!) as well as props for clients. It's on wheels so it can be a portable photography table. When I have to shoot things for clients I simply pop on the table top, wheel it to where I need it and get to photographing! Having it on wheels also means I can wheel it out of the room when I need to do large scale flat lays for clients too. 

Recently Watching: The sunrise in the park on my morning walks. Busy weeks of work mean early starts!

It's totally worth braving the cold with these views. So good.

Recent Shock: Waking up on Saturday morning to find my avocado seed had gone from this.... 


If you didn't see my Instagram story, go and check out my Instagram highlights for the most epic prank of all time.

I TOTALLY fell for it and so did many of you in the hour between me discovering it (and wondering WTF was going on?!) and Jesse waking up to reveal the truth. Just excuse my voice... I was sleepy and sick and it sounds even more child like than normal, haha.

Recently Annoying: Jesse with filters. I don't know why but he thinks they're dumb - but I think they're so much fun... especially Facebook's ones. SO much better than Instagram. 

Recently Jealous: That Jesse gets to see way more of Australia than I do thanks to work - including kangaroos just randomly hopping around. 

You do not see kangaroos just hopping around in the suburbs... Apparently there's a few swamp wallabies in the park but I've never seen one in the almost 26 years of living here...

Recently Listening To: This playlist. While I work, all day err'day. So so good.

The Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Recently Sharing: The BEST Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe. That's a big call but I promise they'll live up to expectations.

But tell me,
How has your week been?
What are you listening to/watching/eating this week?
And what are your weekend plans?
We currently have zip zero zilch weekend plans!

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