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Friday, September 14, 2018

Recent Things: The Great Big Disneyland Catch Up!

Hello from the Happiest Place on Earth!

Actually, not quite... it's more like just down the street from the happiest place on earth because I'm writing to you from our hotel room at Homewood Suites by Hilton Anaheim Convention Centre as we're taking a break because poor Jesse's feet are killing him and he will soon turn into a blister. 

We've spent all week at Disneyland after flying to California from Louisiana on Saturday and I thought now would be the perfect time to update you on what's been happening!

So let me catch you up on the last (two) weeks! (Since I skipped last week's Recent Things) >> 

Recent Travelling: Our vacation started off with a bit of drama - but it ended up turning out fine!

We left on Friday August 31st and everything was looking fine - only to get onto the plane and out on the tarmac and find that our plane was delayed for 40 minutes.

No too bad, but we had a connecting flight from Dallas to Louisiana that gave us just 1 hour and 45 minutes to clear customs and immigration, get our bags, recheck our bags and get from one side of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to the other to board our flight. 

We got to Dallas with 1 hour to spare and rushed our way through the airport. We RAN full speed through the airport, up to the skylink to get to the right terminal, only to arrive with 5 minutes til our flight left...

But as I tried to catch my breath, I looked up at the board and saw the flight was now delayed an hour.. 

One hour turned into two, then three, then four (we didn't need to run after all!) and we finally arrived in Louisiana on Friday evening, more than a day after we first started our travels. 

Recently Catching Up With: Family and friends in Louisiana. The first week of our vacation was spent seeing friends and family in Louisiana. We spent all day and night seeing different people and also went from Alexandria to Baton Rouge to see Jesse's half sister and her family. 

The photo above was one Gina (Jesse's half sister) had of Jesse's Nanny, Mum, Dad, Paw paw and herself (Gina is the little girl at the front). Jesse actually looks so much like his Dad - minus the mustache and a little paler, haha.

Recent Fun: We arrived in California around 2:30pm on Saturday and after arriving at our hotel (and finding all the groceries I arrived from Amazon fresh were never delivered and having to make another online order through Pavilions instead!), we headed straight to Disneyland! 

Luckily i'd brought a bunch of food in our suitcases so I still had something to eat - but boy was I glad when our groceries finally arrived the next day!

Our first night at Disney was spend riding a few rides (Pirates of the Carribbean, Winnie the Pooh, the Tea Cups, Big Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion) we headed to Main Street to watch the fireworks.

Recently Watching: ALLLL the Disney parades! 

The parades and shows are seriously my favourite!

Recently Meeting: ALLL the characters! The park has been really busy but on Tuesday we got lucky and spotted a few characters with no lines!

Goofy had just come out and waved us over for a photo..

And we were browsing the Mad Hatter when The Evil Queen appeared and was kind enough to take a photo with a few peasants.. no smiling though!

Recently Eating: ALL the Disney treats! Jesse has tried just about everything he wanted to try now and I've been sticking to desserts!

Disneyland and California Adventure have lots of allergy friendly meals - but none have sounded too appealing to me so I've been sticking to bringing food and buying snacks. 

My top gluten free picks? Dole Whip, Mickey Ice Cream Bars, the It's Lemon from the Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats and popcorn! 

Recently Loving: Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure! It's been over 10 years since I was in Disneyland and Cars Land didn't exist then so it has been so cool to see!

Anddd with the heat this week it totally feels like the desert too, haha!

Recent Plans: We're here in California until Sunday night so the plan is to soak up as much Disney time as possible! We have tickets for every day we're here so we're just heading to and from the park each day! I'll be sad to get back to work and reality next Tuesday!

But tell me, 
How has your week been? 
What are your weekend plans?
And where would you LOVE to go on vacation?

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