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Friday, October 26, 2018

Recent Things: What You Really Don't Want to Do To Me

Hey you! Happy Friday!!

I kind of can't believe it's the last Friday in October and that Jesse and I are already talking about Christmas decorations - but it is, and we are SO excited for Christmas that we are totally planning on getting our decorations out this weekend. 

Sure, it's October still... but why wouldn't you want to prolong the Christmas magic? 
But before I can get to that, I've got to catch you up on our week - and I want your opinion on early Christmasing too! >>

Recent Fail: Smashing my pretty Lorraine Lea vase ALLLL over my office floor - and then getting random shards in the bottom of my bare feet.

This, my friends, is why I can't have nice things. 

I am stupidly clumsy!

Jack Pearson Making Husbands and Fathers Look Bad
Recent Crying About: This Is Us. EVERY night. 

I finally convinced Jesse to watch it with me so we started back at the beginning and he is HOOKED - but after we blubbered through two episodes in a row the other night, he turned to me and said we can only watch a limited number of episodes a night because he would end up with depression 🤣

But oh how I love that show!

Recent Working On: ALLL the flat lays for clients and slowly dying inside.

Okay I'm exaggerating, but if it was just as simple as snapping the photos with an iPhone (like these photos were, before I took the actual photos/videos), that would be fine - but the whole taking photos/setting everything up/taking everything down/editing/changing/yadayadayada totally got to me this week. Especially when my office was a ridiculous mess! 

Recently Learning: One should NOT go to the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon. Yikes!

Recently Frustrated: By the "Annoying Bank Lady" as she is aptly named in my phone. When will businesses realise that if your staff pester people for business, they're probably going to go somewhere else. 

This annoying bank woman calls me EVERY WEEK to try and get me to book a home loan appointment with her because she clearly wants the commision/rewards/whatever they get for signing someone up. I've told her a dozen times that I'm not interested at the moment, to which she replies "I will keep in touch and call you occasionally to see if you change your mind". This week, occasionally means EVERY SINGLE DAY - and the voicemail messages are all the same "Hi Kristy, it's XXXX, just calling to see if you were ready to book an appointment with our lender". 

Lady. Get a clue. 

Also, if you're that lady reading this, please stop calling me. 

Recently Reading: ALLLL the books. Well, trying to, when I get 0.005 seconds of free time. This week I've read The Dinner List, The Ones You Trust (SO good!), The Changeling and The Darkest Legacy

A few so-so reads but I really enjoyed The Ones You Trust!

Recently Posting: This Easy Mummified Bananas Recipe for Halloween! I've got one more Halloween recipe for you next week (as long as I get time to make it this weekend!) and then I think I'll do a few non-holiday recipes before going Christmas crazy in December! 

Recently Wondering: Speaking of Christmas, I want to know; when would you like to see Christmas recipes on SIL? Not until December? ASAP? Not at all? 

At the moment my plan is to share my annual Christmas gift guides with you all next month (so you have plenty of time to buy!) and then start sharing Christmas recipes in December - but I'd love to get your input! Let me know in the comments below or leave a message/comment on Facebook or Instagram!

But tell me!
How has your week been? 
And are you a Christmas fan like me or are you wishing the carols and decorations would never start? 

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