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Friday, December 7, 2018

Recent Things: I'll Show You How to Get to Struggle Street

Hellloo lovely one, Happy FriYAY!

It really feels like the weekend was yesterday, but I'm definitely not complaining that another weekend is here! Each morning I've been ticking off the days on our Christmas calendar and I can SMELLLLL Christmas break.... or maybe that's just the Christmas scented oils in my diffuser... hmm..

But before I get too far ahead of myself,
Let me catch you up on our week! >> 

Recently Missing: My husband! Jesse and I usually do everything together (or most things - and yes, we are really like that) but last weekend we spent almost the entire weekend apart. On Saturday he was out all day and night at a Buck's day/night and then Sunday after we taught Sunday school together in the morning, I was out for the rest of the day at our Gingerbread House event - and then he's been working interstate this week. 

I'll definitely be glad when he's home tonight and we can spend some time together!

Gingerbread House Event 2018

Recent Fun: Speaking of our Gingerbread House Event - it was so much fun and another successful event! I am so lucky to have two beautiful friends to work with to put it together each year - and a huge group of friends that help us to make it a success! 

I love our church family so so much! 

Easy Gingerbread House Design with Christmas M&M's

My Mum joined me again this year to build and decorate a house and this year we went for a green red and white theme...

We discussed decorating the walls before putting them up to make it easier on ourselves, but we forgot and well...

Easy Gingerbread House Design with Christmas M&M's

Let's just say I'm not going to make window making my career 🤣

But we had fun making it and I'm sure everyone will have fun eating it on Christmas day - especially when the inside of our house is filled with chocolates!

Recent Fail: Sometimes online shopping isn't all that it's cracked up to be... 

I ordered a bunch of servingware and kitchenware pieces a few weeks ago only to have them arrive completely smashed! Why companies send out ceramics with no bubble wrap or anything, I'll never know!

Recently Buying: Bob, my new plant bestie. 

Whilst Jesse was out at the buck's day, I took an exciting trip to Mitre 10, which for international readers is a rather boring hardware store.

I was actually looking for cable ties and electrical tape for a Christmas project... but then I wandered through the plant section and found myself choosing between 4 plant babies to bring home. 

Bob won and is now sitting pretty in my office. 

Oh and why Bob? Because of his bobbly little peas. It just worked... 

Recently Being: Smothered by Trixie. If I sit on the lounge and Chanel comes within 2 metres of me, Trixie has to lie ON TOP of me just so she's the closest to me. If Chanel isn't near me, she'll happily sit next to me - but the second she gets close, jealous Trixie springs into action and uses me as a human pillow. 

Recently Reading: ALLLL the books as I try to reach 100 read books for the year. Some have been hits, some have been misses (as I'm trying to read through a bunch of books that have been sitting on my shelf for months) but Dear Santa was a great one - and a perfect Christmas gift too as all proceeds go towards cancer research! 

Recently Posting: This Easy Gluten Free Molasses Crinkle Cookies Recipe - trust me when I say this is a MUST MAKE for Christmas!

But tell me, 
How has your week been? 
Have you ever built a gingerbread house? Are you a window making pro or does your house belong on struggle street like mine?

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