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Monday, February 25, 2019

10 Plastic Free Swaps to Make In Your Bathroom

10 Plastic Free Swaps to Make In Your Bathroom - Eco Friendly, War on Waste, Environmentally Friendly

Join the War on Waste with these 10 Plastic Free Swaps to Make in Your Bathroom. From zero waste options to environmentally friendly alternatives, there’s something for everyone with bamboo toothbrushes, beauty recommendations, skincare musts for those with acne prone skin and more!

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This is a sponsored post for Boo Boo Brush, in collaboration with Brand Meets Blog, 
however, as always, all ideas and opinions are entirely our own!

Last year, I did a post with  7 Plastic Free Swaps to Make In Your Kitchen that was so much more popular than I expected - so it seems like many of you are also on a mission to reduce your use of plastic (and waste in general).

I have to admit that I never really used to think about just how much plastic I was using in my bathroom... so when I decided that I wanted to intentionally reduce our household waste and use of plastic - the bathroom was one of those places that needed a lot of work. 

Toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, skincare products, sanitary items, q-tips - the list of plastics goes on an on... and if you think about them, they're all things we throw out often too - but don't worry! I've got a list of 10 simple swaps you can make to reduce your use of plastic... and you won't even miss their plastic counterparts.

In fact, there's actually a few swaps you'll want to make ASAP because they look so much better/will benefit your skin/hair etc.

So let me share them with you! >> 

Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps - Plastic Free Toothbrushes - BooBoo Bamboo Toothbrush Subscription Australia

#1 Swap plastic toothbrushes for bamboo
We've been on the bamboo toothbrush train for a little while now - but we've only recently discovered BooBoo Brush.

Unlike some bamboo toothbrushes, BooBoo Brush handles are 100% biodegradable and eco friendly - and they're panda friendly too as they're made with bamboo that pandas cannot eat (so you don't have to worry about stealing their dinner!). 

Better than that? They're delivered for free, straight to your door and have an easy to use subscription service so you can have new toothbrushes delivered every 30, 60 or 90 days.

Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps - Plastic Free Toothbrushes - BooBoo Bamboo Toothbrush Subscription Australia

They come in child and adult sizes so there's an option for the whole family and the soft bristles make tooth brushing an enjoyable experience. Dentists actually recommend choosing toothbrushes with soft bristles - so Boo Boo Brushes are better for your gums, better for your teeth, better for the environment and better for pandas... what more could you want? 

There are 23 million or 350 plastic toothbrushes used and thrown into landfill every year in Australia - so why not swap to an option that actually breaks down, unlike plastic that will still be there in 100 years time (and most likely for many, many years after that!).

Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps - Plastic Free Skincare Products

#2 Swap plastic skincare products for plastic free alternatives
Last year I swapped out all of my skincare products for natural options - and subsequently, I also said goodbye to the plastic! Previously I was using cleansers and skincare products that came in plastic bottles or tubes, but I've swapped those cleansers for Detoxifying Charcoal Soap and African Black Soap. Both come in cardboard boxes that can be recycled and if, like me, you struggle with breakouts - they are SO MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE. Seriously.

(I alternate between the charcoal soap and African black soap as my skin is super sensitive and the charcoal soap can sometimes be a little too drying).

Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps - Georganics Plastic Free Toothpaste

#3 Swap plastic toothpaste tubes and dental hygiene products for plastic free alternatives
How often do you throw out a tube of toothpaste, bottle of mouthwash or container of dental floss? They're all made of plastic, right? Why not swap them for an eco friendly option? 

Don't worry! It doesn't mean you're swapping toothpaste for baking soda or pure charcoal. Lush have an awesome range of Toothy Tabs and Mouthwashes that are 100% plastic free, My Magic Mud have tooth powders in glass jars that can be recycled after use and Georganics' range is completely plastic free with toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss options.

Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps - LUSH Plastic Free Haircare
Photo from @LUSH

#4 Swap haircare products for plastic free alternatives
It's no secret that I have crazy curly, frizzy, volume filled hair - so I have tried just about every product under the sun to try and tame my locks. Last year I discovered Lush's Queen Bee Hair Honey which has been a complete and utter frizz safer - but it also lead me to try a bunch of their other products.

Lush's Shampoo Bars and Solid Conditioner Bars are completely plastic free and eco friendly - but if you're not quite ready to swap to a bar form, their regular shampoos and conditioners are a great option as you can return your used pots to the store to be recycled. Some stores will even refill your old containers - but I've found that some stores won't let you do that.

Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps - Natural Loofah

#5 Swap plastic loofas for natural ones

Do you have a plastic loofa or scrubber in your shower? There's actually a natural alternative (and what those plastic versions were inspired by) that can grow in your garden. If you don't have a green thumb, don't worry! You can find them on Amazon here and many online stores - just do a search for natural loofahs!

Easy Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps - Homemade Coffee Body Scrub Recipe like Frank Body

#6 Swap store-bought body scrubs for handmade
Body scrubs are SO easy to make at home! I make my own Two Ingredient Coffee Body Scrub which smells amazing, wakes you up in the morning and leaves your skin revitalised and silky smooth!

Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps - Plastic Free Q-Tips and Cotton Buds
Photo from @Bambaw

#7 Swap plastic q-tips and makeup remover pads for natural alternatives
You've probably seen the photos of poor sea creatures with q-tips lodged in their noses or caught up in their gills - and unfortunately they're not just a shocking photo. Humans have contributed over 8 million tonnes of plastic per year into the ocean - and q-tips/cotton swabs are just some of those plastic items. 

"Cotton" balls, pads and swabs are commonly full of plastic - from the little sticks on the cotton swabs to the fluffy "cottony" bits you might think are 100% cotton. Luckily there are eco friendly alternatives if you're not wanting to give them up. 

Try these 100% compostable bamboo cotton swabs and swap single use cotton pads for a prettier reusable option like these ones from Etsy.

Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps - Natracare Plastic Free Women's Sanitary Items
Photo from @Natracare

#8 Swap plastic feminine hygiene products for eco-friendly options
Ladies, with periods comes a whole lot of plastic - but it doesn't have to be. (And don't run away! I'm not saying you have to use a menstrual cup!). 

Swap plastic options for eco friendly ones like Natracare's biodegradable 100% cotton pads, tampons and liners.

Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps - Plastic Free Refillable Body Wash

#9 Swap single use body washes and skincare products for plastic free/refillable options
If you buy body wash from the supermarket, it probably comes in a plastic bottle or container. Why not swap body wash for a lush soap bar or a refillable option by buying your body wash from a bulk goods store like The Source Bulk Foods.

Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps - Plastic Free Makeup Wipes
Photo from Tunee Manee

#10 Swap makeup wipes for a reusable option
Instead of using makeup wipes to remove your makeup every time, swap for a reusable option by either washing your face with a cotton washcloth or these reusable makeup remover pads. You can make your own DIY makeup remover by mixing aloe vera gel with witch hazel and a few drops of lemon essential oil - or you can just use coconut oil to gently remove your makeup.

But tell me,
Which of these plastic free swaps have you already made in your home - or what will you swap first? 

This post may contain affiliate links.

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