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Friday, February 22, 2019

Recent Things: Bangs, Birthdays and Balls

Heeeellooo! Happy Friday! 😍 

I am SO glad it's Friday. This week has been a busy one and Jesse has been interstate for work all week so I am anxiously awaiting his return home tonight! 

But before I get to that, I've got to catch you up on the week!
Here's what's been happening in our world this week! >> 

Trixie and her Unicorn Pillow

Recently Laughing At: Trixie and her "unicorn pillow" last night. She spent so long moving it into the right position so she could rest on it and then passed out for an hour or so while we watched TV. 

Surely she could have found something more comfortable!

Screw Fake ID's, I want a Fake Disneyland Annual Pass

Recently Deciding: I would MUCH rather a fake Disney annual pass than a fake ID.... though... I feel like it would be harder to fake a Disney annual pass than it would a fake ID. Disney takes security SERIOUSLY. Haha!

The Good Place Miranda Gluten Free Restaurant

Recently Learning: That there's a new restaurant opening not too far from us that sounds like it may (hopefully) be coeliac safe! Fingers crossed that their gluten free is actually gluten free (thus free from cross-contamination) and not just trendy!

Recently Making: ALLLL the meatballs. We had homemade Swedish meatballs on the weekend and I made a huge batch of meatballs to freeze for quick and easy meals and they were perfect! I definitely need to share the recipe for the meatballs and my Swedish meatball sauce because Jesse is totally obsessed.

Should I get a fringe with long wavy hair?

Recently Debating: Getting a fringe. This is something I do at least once a year and have never committed so far - but I always wonder if I could pull off a fringe... 

I usually chicken out because I feel like I'll have one cut, hate it and seriously regret it - but Natasha Lyonne's bangs here are seriously cute - and look like they don't need too much styling (because the other reason I chicken out is because I am SO low maintenance when it comes to my hair and don't want to have to spend forever styling it each day). 

Recently Celebrating: My Mum's birthday! My Dad and Jesse were away for work this week so it was just the two of us! The day before her birthday I surprised her with homemade pecan pie (I use 1.5 times the filling of that recipe for a small pie), gifts, flowers and decorations after she got home from work because I knew we were spending her birthday together (and thus I couldn't surprise her when I was with her!).

Recently Reading: The Recipe Box by Sandra Lee - such a gorgeous book!

Recently Posting: This Pesto Caprese Quinoa Bake Recipe! Such a delicious lunch option and perfect for meal prep days!

But tell me! 
How has your week been? 
Fringe/bangs - yay or nay? 

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