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Friday, March 29, 2019

Recent Things: When You Start To Wonder If You're Crazy

Heyyy! Happy Friday - and happy last week of March! 

This year is already speeding on by - and yet at the same time, I feel like the Christmas break was so long ago because I could totally do with a holiday. But, nevertheless, Easter is on it's way and I will be soaking up every second of time off I can 😛

But I am getting waaaayy ahead of myself. Easter is weeks ago - and I have this week to catch you up on. 
So here's what's been happening in our world this week! >> 

Recently Realising: Jesse and I have been together for eleven years as of this week. We were pretty much teeeeny tiny babies. The photo above is actually from 10 years ago (the first time we met in person) and it simultaneously feels like 2 seconds ago and 200 years ago because we have done SO MUCH in 10 years. 

I'm so lucky I get to spend my life with my best friend!

I saw one of these Burmese Mountain Dogs on the TV over the weekend and decided I needed to add them to my list of future puppers 😜.... when I get a farm or something... because a dog like that surely wouldn't do well in the suburbs!

Recently Crying Over: A smashed mug. And i'm not even kidding.. and I am slightly embarrassed. 

You see, I was actually really freaking mad - but I do not how to be mad. 

I'm not even joking. 

I cannot get mad. I will cry out of frustration, but I never yell/scream/do any regular "mad" things - and I've never been able to. 

Likeeee, I'm pretty sure God just set all of my default emotion settings to cry. (I don't actually cry a lot though - maybe once a month max - but I will cry if I should otherwise be angry). 

Is that weird? I don't know... you tell me. 

Recently Admiring: Alllll the crazy sunsets lately! I'm totally sad that the sun is setting earlier and earlier (and will soon be setting at like 4pm when daylight savings ends - ugh!) but I'm loving these sunsets!

Recently Doing: Alllll the webinars, and hating my life. 

I can't remember the last time I did a webinar, but this week I've done three - one for a safe ministry course (because Jesse and I are involved with kids ministry in our church), one all about real estate and home purchasing (because #adulting, and that's what type A people do when they're buying a house) and one for work. 

All three were very very boring. 

I'll gladly never do another webinar again.

Recently Wondering: If my dog is a pervert.

Lately whenever I go to have a shower, Trixie goes racing into the bathroom and curls up on the bath mat and will not leave. 

I have to go and pretend to sit in my office (because whenever I'm in my office she has to lay under the desk and be close to me) and then race into the bathroom before she realises. 

And yes, I could move her - but she somehow manages to make herself immovable... like, turns into a really heavy slime ball or something so you can't pick her up. 

She's probably not even a dog. She's probably some kind of alien trying to observe human life (in its weirdest form). 

Recent Devastation: That Supernatural is ending next year after 15 seasons. We are SO not ready to say goodbye. 

Supernatural is our all time favourite TV show and we were both so sad when we listened to the announcement. 

Easy Foolproof Gluten Free Sugar Cookies Recipe

Recently Posting: Our Foolproof Gluten Free Sugar Cookies Recipe. SO good!

So tell me, 
Are you someone who can get angry? Or are you like me? (and i'm not a total weirdo!?!)
And if you could have your dream pet, what would it be? 
I'd love a sloth... but I think they'd be pretty boring and not very cuddly - so puppies will always win.

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