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Monday, April 8, 2019

WINNERS: Schaffen Knife Block Giveaway

Last week I shared a giveaway where you could enter to win 1 of 3 Schaffen Magnetic Knife Block Sets - and today, I get to announce the winners!

This knife block is seriously one of my favourite things in the kitchen - and it's definitely my most used. Rather than a standard wooden knife block which can become overrun with mould (because those tiny knife slots are impossible to clean - and you can't even see if they're mouldy inside 😬) - this magnetic block is not only more hygienic, it's nicer to look at too!

Before I announce the winners, Schaffen also gave me a 60% off coupon code for any readers wanting to buy their own knife block set. The code is:
and will give you 60% off your purchase - making the full knife block set with all of the knives just $159.98 including shipping! This offer is only valid until April 21st, 2019.

But let me tell you who the winners are! >>

The winners of this giveaway are; 
Michelle Robbins, Sam Colden and Alaina (@alainaspage)

Ladies, keep an eye on your inboxes because I'll be contacting you soon! 😊

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