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Friday, May 24, 2019

Recent Things: The One Where Jesse Becomes an Aussie

Hellooo! Happy Friday! 

It has been a very exciting week in the Southern In Law house this week - and we have an exciting weekend planned too. Jesse officially became an Australian last night and our visa journey is OFFICIALLY over so we are so happy and so so relieved! 

But I'll talk more about that later.
First up, let me catch you up on our week! >> 

Recently Celebrating: Jesse becoming an Australian citizen! The ceremony was last night so Dad and I went along to watch Jesse become a real Aussie! (unfortunately, my Mum had to stay at home as he was only allowed two guests - so she decorated the house with Australian flags and bought Jesse's favourite sushi for a surprise celebration dinner with some family friends).

Recently Wearing: Real clothes! Well fancier real clothes that normal. Jesse wore a suit to his ceremony so I had to get dressed up too! 

This dress was a SERIOUS bargain find at TK Maxx a few months ago. $28 down from $70 something and the original RRP was over $200! Oh how I love TK Maxx.

Recently Buying: ALLLL the Australian foods to surprise Jesse with yesterday morning + Australian wool socks because it's cold and cosy socks = 💓

Recently Reading: The Woman in Darkness - SO so good! Plus The Bad Mother's Book Club which I also really enjoyed and The Missing Years which I really did not enjoy 😛 Can't love 'em all, right? 

Next week's reading list? Sixty Summers and The Gift of Life.

Recently Working On: Last year's anniversary photo book. I didn't print it earlier because I thought we might get (very belated) anniversary photos taken as we never had photos taken for our 5th anniversary (as per our anniversary tradition) but then I realised it's almost time for next year's anniversary so I should put my OCD aside and just fill it with Disneyland photos instead. 

Disneyland is a suitable alternative, right? 

We'll definitely have photos taken this year though as I realised that 99% of our photos from last year are of Jesse and 1% include me in them.

Recently Posting: This delicious Gluten Free Muffin Tin Spaghetti Pies Recipe that I actually ate for dinner last night (because it was the perfect thing to eat when we got home late and I was starving as it was already made!)

But tell me, 
How has your week been? 
What's the last thing you bought? 
And what's one thing you've been procrastinating about but really need to work on ASAP?!

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