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Friday, June 21, 2019

Recent Things: Birthday Plans and Book Writing

Hellooo! Happy Friday! 

This week has flown by, just like the year has, and I'm really hoping time would slow down over the weekend so I can soak it all in! This week has had me feeling like I need a vacation... so I've been researching, googling, dreaming and then getting back to work 😜

But before I can get to future vacations, I've got to catch you up on our week!
Here's what's been happening in our world recently! >> 

Recently Snuggling: Under the heated blanket, like these two very spoilt puppies. The last few days have been really chilly... and stupid me was only just thinking that winter "wasn't that bad". 

Forgetting that we're actually only 21 days into winter and have one month and 9 days to go. 

Eating Gluten Free at Hong Kong Disneyland

Recently Researching: Holiday destinations and feeling overwhelmed. 

In my dream life, I'd have a gluten free travel blog with a full easy to navigate/understand list of all of the places in the world and how you can eat gluten free there because it is SO impossible to find good information. 

I know that others are looking for it too because I have thousands of people finding our different travel posts every day because they're searching for gluten free options at a particular location. 

Sooo, if anyone wants to send me all around the world to do that, I am willing and able 😛

But really, if you've been to Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disney or Shanghai Disney and have successfully eaten gluten free, email me! Because I am really wanting to visit the other Disney parks but feeling a bit overwhelmed with the lack of information/language barrier etc. 


I'm currently ghostwriting two books which means I have been writing non-stop on those on top of my normal projects. 

It's actually not so bad because the subjects are really interesting and I'm learning a lot - but every time I start a huge project like that I always feel overwhelmed on page one when I think about all that's left to write. 

Luckily I'm onto the final chapters for both so the end is near! 

Recently Reading: ALL THE BOOKS! You'd think with so much writing, the last thing I'd want to do is read - but the opposite is true. Books are never a bad idea in my mind! 

This week I've read Something to Live For (which I did not like at all) and Her Husband's Mistake, which did frustrate me - but also held my attention so I ended up giving it 4/5. 

I'm now up to 59 books read for the year, so I think I'll definitely make 100 again this year, haha!

Recently Planning: My birthday! I don't usually do anything for my birthday, however, this year I decided I really wanted to go horse riding so I'm currently looking for the best place to go. 

If you're in Sydney and know somewhere good to go, let me know! I'm hoping for a 2 hour-ish trail ride somewhere pretty. 

Vitamin C Flu Fighter Smoothie Recipe

Recently Posting: My Vitamin C Flu Fighter Smoothie Recipe - and drinking it on repeat! SO good. 

I also had a lot of questions about what kind of blender to use - and the answer is pretty simple. If your blender can handle blending frozen fruit, it can handle the carrot. Carrots aren't actually as hard to blend as you might think. I have a super high powered blender - but I've also made smoothies with carrot in them in a cheapy regular blender too.

But tell me, 
How has your week been? 
And what would you love to do for your birthday this year? 
Let's pretend budget/location isn't an option. In my dream world, I'd be on the beach in Hawaii soaking up the sun on my birthday... butttttttttt, we are buying a house so holidays are off the cards until that happens 😛

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