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Friday, August 23, 2019

Recent Things: Snuggles, Sickness and Spending Way Too Much Money

Happppyyy Friday! Is it just me, or has this week flown by stupidly quick? 

It was Sunday like 0.00005 seconds ago and now we're here... and don't even get me started on the fact that someone reminded me that there's just 124 days until Christmas. I mean, I am allll for Christmas, but where has this year gone?!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.. 
Let me catch you up on our week! >> 

Recent Puppiness: This little pup has been super snuggly and super lazy lately. I mean, we'll wake up of a morning and she just doesn't even want to get out of bed. She'll lay there for hours snuggled up in a blanket and I can'tttt really blame her, because I'd totally do the same if I could. 

Chanel has been snuggly too - and funny too. I bought Jesse a fluffy robe the other day and brought it home inside a shopping bag that I left on the kitchen floor while I unpacked groceries - and Miss Chanel thought it was a giant toy just for her so I found her trying to pull it out of the bag 😜

She is usually SO excited when we get home that if she can't find one of her toys to bring to us when we walk in the door, she'll grab whatever she can find. She's come running to me with a sock in her mouth, a pom pom and even an entire full sized blanket dragging behind her.

Recently Enjoying: Somewhat warmer weather. I keep telling Jesse that Spring is on it's way and he keeps reminding me that the weather is unpredictable, buttttttt, the days seem to be getting warmer! 

Last week when I went for my morning walk it was around 6-7 degrees celsius and this week it's been 12 degrees celsius at the same time. That's a win to me! 

Yesterday was really cold though - but it's because it was so windy.. so hopefully this weekend is a wind free, sunshine filled one!

Where The Dead Go Book Review

Recently Reading: Not as much as normal (as we've been so busy), but some really awesome books! I really really enjoyed Where The Dead Go and found Talking With Serial Killers really interesting (though, I have to admit it wasn't exactly what I was expecting). 

Recently Buying: Waaay too much vinyl and HTV for my Cricut. Bring on allll the projects! 

I'm trying out some Siser Easyweed, Siser Foil and Siser Glitter heat transfer vinyl and so far I'm loving it! I also bought some Oracal 651 adhesive vinyl for different projects that I'm loving too. 

We made a T-shirt and a hoodie for friends last night who came over to decide what they wanted and they turned out pretty awesome! 

My Cricut is totally going to send me broke 😜

Recently Crafting: Whenever we can. We're obsessed! This week we've made keychains, customised my water bottle (because I've already made one from everyone else), made two tshirts, a hoodie, some father's day gifts for my Dad, a sign and a bunch of other little projects. 

Easy Homemade Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

Recently Posting: This deeelicious Homemade Chocolate Popcorn Recipe that we can't stop eating! Put it on your to-do list for this weekend. It's SO simple to make and seriously, ridiculously delicious. 

But tell me, 
How has your week been? 
What are your plans for the weekend? 
And if you were going to make a t-shirt that was totally "you" what would it look like? 
Mine would have to involve chocolate, Disney and books - for sure!

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