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Friday, December 20, 2019

Recent Things: A Big Mistake and This Year's Ornament

Hello there! Happy Fri-yay!

Can you believe Christmas is just five days away?! I totally can't - but I am so excited for everyone to open our gifts! 

Our Christmas tree is currently filled with gifts and I am counting down the seconds until I can give them out! I loveeeee giving presents to loved ones and seeing their reactions is totally one of my favourite parts of Christmas.

I don't like receiving gifts (which apparently most people think is weird, but I literally have so much and don't need anything!), but I loveeee giving them. 

But before I can get to that,
I've got to catch you up on our week!
Here's what's been happening in our world this week! >> 

Two Fluffy Dogs being taken for a walk with a leash and harness

Recently Making: A HUGEEEE mistake.

I was bored one afternoon this week and decided to take the pups out on a walk... forgetting just how dirty everything is at the moment because of all the smoke and dust and ash and these two fluffy puppies came back covered in black dirt. Their feet were filthy, they had burs all through their fur and it was just one big disaster.

They were so happy to go for a walk... but I think we might stay inside from now on 😛 

Pineapple Plant with Sucker


To non-pineapple growing peeps, you'll be like huhhhhhh? 

So here's the deal! 

This is the plant which grew my pineapple baby (a huge delicious pineapple that was devoured in 0.01 seconds) and it should have grown a sucker before I took the pineapple off, but nothing happened. 

So I left the plant to see if anything happened and kind of forgot about it - and then this happened!

The suckers are basically mini pineapple plants (kind of like the crown on the top of the pineapple which can be planted to grow a pineapple). 

Some plants will grow multiple, some might only grow one - but if you leave one sucker attached to the fully grown pineapple plant, you'll get a pineapple in about a year, instead of the two years it takes to grow a pineapple from scratch. 

The pineapple that grows from the sucker will then have it's own suckers and you can keep planting - but the pineapples do tend to get smaller if you keep planting sucker from sucker. Sooo, we'll have to see what happens!

Happy dog waiting in vet waiting room

Recent Sitting: In the vet's office for almost two hours. 

We took the pups to the vet last Friday for a "quick" check up which turned into a longgggg afternoon. Luckily both puppers were on their very best behaviour and were really patient and didn't really even react to the other dogs sitting in the waiting room with them - even when there was a super grumpy old dog. 

How to increase Google Pagespeed on Blogger Blog 100% Google Pagespeed Screen

Recent Nerding: Spending my Saturday re-writing all the code on this here blog to make it faster for you! Both Mobile and Web page speeds are at 100% now (and were previously at 30 and 20! Yikes!) so everything should be loading so much faster now!

Luckily this girl coded her Myspace profile back in the day and then taught herself how to code websites and apps 😛 

Hand painted Australian citizenship ornament with cartoon man holding Australian man

Recently Loving: The newest Christmas ornament on our tree! Because Jesse got his Australian citizenship this year, I knew we needed a new bauble for the tree - so I had an Etsy artist hand paint a cartoon I made up to match Jesse's actual outfit on his ceremony day! It came out so cute!

Just One Wish Rachael Johns Book Review Book on Wooden Tray with Red Tartan Blanket and Red Snowflake Cushion

Recently Reading: A bunch of books - but so many fails! 

Luckily Just One Wish was such a great read - and my 100th read book for the year!!

Recently Posting (and eating!): This Easy Gluten Free Florentine Slice Recipe. OHHH MY WORD. We are obsessed. 

I may never get to eat cornflakes ever again because it seems cornflakes only come into our house now to be made into this slice. So so so yummy!


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