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Friday, December 13, 2019

Recent Things: Giveaways, Puppy Loving and Fail City

Hellooo! Happy Friday - again!

It feels like last Friday was 0.02 seconds ago but it's Friday again and I'm not complaining because the weekend is here! December is definitely the craziest month of the year for me and so many others so I am counting down the days til Christmas!

But first, 
Let me fill you in on the week! >> 

Disney Smiggle Giveaway

Recently Giving Away: 4 epic Disney x Smiggle prize packs on Facebook and Instagram! Head over to those links to enter. Entries close in just a few days so that they can hopefully arrive before Christmas! 

Sweet Miss Chanel

Recently Catching: This little cutie snuggled up in her house. 

This was a random $3 purchase at ALDI sometime where we thought the dogs would love it - only to come home and realise our dogs are kind of too big for it (it's a cat bed) - but occasionally we will find them curled up inside and it's so stinking cute.

Also, that photo isn't filtered... that was the gross orange smoke filled air coming through the window last week. Very arty, apparently ๐Ÿ˜œ

Jack Skellington Christmas T-Shirt

Recently Making: Allll the Christmas things with the Cricut! This Jack Skellington ugly Christmas sweater shirt I made for my sister (hence why i'm sharing a photo - the other projects have to stay a secret!) using a Christmas tee from Big W! Such an easy way to get the ugly Christmas sweater look without covering the whole shirt in vinyl!

Cold Storage Book Review

Recently Reading: Cold Storage. SO good!! I could not put it down. 

This week has been somewhat of a reading fail because I've read two really woeful books, but it was worth it because Cold Storage was SO good! I actually woke up the day after I finished it so looking forward to reading more - only to realise I'd actually finished it! 

The author, David Koepp, is a screenwriter (he wrote Jurassic Park) and you can tell because this book plays out like a movie... and I am seriously hoping it is made into a movie because it's unbelievably good. And that's coming from someone who doesn't usually like sci-fi type novels.

Cookie Fail

Recent Fail: These cookies. This is why I test recipes so many times before they go on the blog. Sometimes they just don't work out! These cookies taste delicious - but they're not exactly what I wanted, so the recipe is going to be reworked again and again until they're perfect. 

Can't win them all! 

Puppy Love

Recently Wanting: This little puppy love. LOOK AT THAT FACE ๐Ÿ˜This is why I could never win the lottery... I'd walk away with 53 puppies. 

Easy Gingerbread Cookie Bars Recipe

Recently Posting: This deeelicious Easy Frosted Gingerbread Cookie Bars Recipe.

How to Make a DIY Christmas Blanket on a Budget

And this super easy DIY Christmas Blanket on a Budget that you will find me wrapped in at least 5 hours a day. 


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