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Friday, January 31, 2020

Recent Things: Celebrations and Surprises

Helloooooo! Happy Friday! 

This week has FLOWN by because it was a short week (thank you, long weekend!) and it totally doesn't feel like Friday, because the weekend is almost here! 

But first, I've got to fill you in on our week!
Here's what's been happening in our world this week! >> 

Australia Day dessert platter with meringue nests, lamingtons, strawberries, blueberries, mango slices and whipped cream

Recently Celebrating: Jesse's first Australia Day as an Australian with our sweet friends! 

I took a grand total of ONE photo (I really need to get better at taking more photos with friends because I only have photos from weddings!) - and of course that photo was of dessert.

We spent the day eating, laughing and enjoying time with some of our favourite Australians! We're so lucky to have awesome friends who feel more like family. 

Trixie LOVED having kids in the house to play ball with her all day long too 😜

For dessert, I kept things simple with meringue nests, lamingtons, freshly whipped cream and deeeelicious summer fruit. SO easy and so delicious!

For lunch, I made beef and vegetable skewers, two types of chicken wings, a butterflied leg of lamb and sausages alongside three types of salads, potato salad and corn on the cob. 

Best Blanket for Summer in Australia

Recently Loving: This blanket from Pillow Talk. NOT sponsored. Not an affiliate link. Just sharing because it's actually the best linen purchase I've made in a long time.

I'm a hot sleeper (like, 10,000000 degrees hot) and we usually have a coverlet on our bed in the summer because it's cooler than a doona/quilt - but with the super hot days we've been having lately I wanted something lighter and I found this 100% cotton blanket at Pillow Talk that we are actually obsessed with.

I can't sleep with just a sheet or no blankets at all because I like the weight of blankets - so this blanket makes me feel like I have something over me without being too hot. It's super lightweight and super cool to sleep with.

Sooo, if you're a fellow hot sleeper, do yourself a favour and get one. It's not the prettiest blanket in the world, but it's SO good. We got a white one but I'm now thinking of getting a few other colours because it would be a great layering blanket to go under the quilt in winter too! 

(Also, size-wise it is super generous. I usually get king-sized blankets for our queen-sized bed and I got the king in this, but it touched the floor on both sides until I washed it and dried it in the drier. It shrunk just a little so now it overhangs perfectly, but if I wanted to I could easily stretch it out to the same size it was). 

Chanel's obsession with fake grass

Recently Realising: My dogs are seriously strange. Trixie acts like a crack addict with her balls (she's currently jumping every time I move because she thinks I might finally throw her ball) and Chanel has this weird obsession with my fake grass roll (bought as a prop ages ago) that randomly fell over earlier this week. She keeps rubbing her face all over it and acting like it's the best thing in the world. 

They say dogs are like their owners... and I'm now worried about my own sanity... 

Mickey and Minnie Valentines Day Mug

Recently Wanting: This mug from Coles ($5!!) and a Disneyland holiday 😛 

I am having SERIOUS Disneyland withdrawals this week with Disney friends posting videos from 80's nite and the Chinese New Year celebrations.

I may or may not have priced up a vacation for the end of the year 🙉🙉🙉

Chanel shitzu maltese dog snuggled into bed

Recently Snuggling: This cute face. Chanel has been extra snuggly this week and I am notttt complaining! She's the sweetest pup in the world 💗

Best Sci-Fi Book Series for Young Adults Scythe Neal Shusterman

Recently Reading: The Scythe series, and surprisingly LOVING it. Jesse had the books and read them first and was raving about them - but I resisted reading them because I'm not much of a sci-fi/YA fan.

But oh, was I wrong. Scythe totally sucked me in. It's weird, twisted and totally hooked me in and I'm currently reading Thunderhead

Also, if you remember my book list from last week... I read House of Brides and hated it, so Scythe was the perfect change of pace. 

I also read Such a Fun Age, which left me not really sure how I felt about it, and Don't Read the Comments which was another surprising read. I thought I wouldn't like DRTC because it was a book about gamers, but it actually ended up being quite interesting!

 How to Make a Gluten Free Number Cake

Recently Posting: My tips on How to Make a Gluten Free Number Cake - which is one Pinterest trend you can ACTUALLY nail! SO easy and so impressive.

But tell me,
How has your week been? 
And, if you could go on a vacation ANYWHERE in the world tomorrow - where would you go? 


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