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Friday, February 14, 2020

Recent Things: Cricut Joy and a Very Crazy Week

Helllooooo! Happy Friday! 

I am BEYOND exhausted right now because this week has been all sorts of crazy. I've had meetings every single day this week, have two new clients, went to an epic product launch, made 2 dozen Valentine's Day cupcakes late last night and have friends coming over for dinner tonight.... and this weekend and next week are looking crazy as well, so I'm not quite sure when I'll get a chance to breathe 😜

But amongst the craziness, there's also been a whole lot of good this week (and a whole lot of drama - but we'll get to that). 
So let me catch you up on our week! >> 

Cute puppy snuggling on pillow

Recent Puppiness: The pups have not been happy that I've been so busy this week. Last night I was baking and decorating cupcakes by myself at home and both of them were sitting at the end of the kitchen bench looking at me with big ol' sad puppy eyes because I wouldn't cuddle on the couch with them. 

Miss Trixie has also pulled a cushion under my desk to create a little bed for herself since I haven't been working at my desk this week. 

This dog cannot be a dog. She's got to be some kind of adorable alien.

Mickey Disney items at Zara Sydney

Recently Wanting: THE CUTEST Disney stuff from Zara in the city. I had 1/2 an hour to kill between meetings earlier in the week so I browsed through Westfield Sydney and found the cutest Mickey stuff at Zara.

I NEEEEEEED this bag... but they only had the one on the mannequin and wouldn't sell it to me (?!??? whaaatt?!) so I walked away empty handed.

The secret to Sydney trains

Recently Catching: ALLLL the trains! I know people always complain about Sydney trains, but they are seriously SO much better than battling Sydney traffic.

I've been on 12 trains this week going to/from meetings and events and even though at peak hour they're crowded and it's hard to get a seat, it's so much quicker than driving. I went from one meeting on one side of the city to another on the other side of the city in 15 minutes - and I didn't have to worry about parking! Woop! 

Crazy Sydney Flooding

Recently Weather: Rain rain and more rain. This past weekend was so rainy and stormy that I had to wear gumboots to church, our pool almost overflowed multiple times (and our neighbour's pool DID overflow and then flowed through their muddy garden, through our fence and into our pool leaving it brown and muddy... ew) and we lost power from Sunday afternoon til Monday morning. 

Poor Jesse had to have a cold shower before work on Monday... and then he got out of the shower and the power came back on seconds later, haha! 😜

Interior Decorating Ideas at IKEA Sydney

Recently Shopping: At IKEA... with everyone else in Sydney. 

Apparently the thing to do on a rainy Saturday is visit IKEA. We had to pick up something for a project for church so we headed to IKEA in the rain and got our Swedish shopping fix. 

I am totally an IKEA lover. I don't so much love the quality of IKEA furniture (sometimes it's great, sometimes it's not), but I love that their stores are full of really awesome decorating and styling ideas. There's always something new to look at - andddddd, they have gluten free cakes in the freezer section of their food store.

FYI, the IKEA Daim cake is gluten free and SOOOO good!

Cricut Joy Launch Sydney

Recent Excitement: The Cricut Joy!!! Cricut launched a brand new product yesterday, the Cricut Joy which will be released worldwide on March 1st. 

The Joy is basically a mini version of the larger Cricut machines - but just because it's smaller, doesn't mean it's any less of a machine. 

With new Smart Materials, the Cricut Joy cuts designs 4 1/2 inches wide and up to 20 feet long (SO EPIC!) because they cut without needing a mat. 

Sydney Cricut Joy Launch nursery set up with handmade star mobile

You can cut cardstock, vinyl, iron on, adhesive paper, sticker paper and anything you can cut with the premium fine point blade on the Cricut Joy - and you can also draw with pens, cut infusible ink sheets and so much more.

Cricut Joy Craft Ideas

Jesse and I were SO excited when we found out the new product was a new machine, and we're anxiously waiting for March 1 to get our hands on one because we have so many epic project ideas.

Cricut Joy RRP Price Australia - New Cricut Joy Smart Materials Spotlight

I did a heap of Instagram stories yesterday about the launch and the Cricut Joy which I've saved to my highlights so you can find out all about it. I got SO many questions on Instagram yesterday (my phone was literally flooded with notifications all day long!) and the most asked questions were these; 
  • How much is the Cricut Joy? The RRP for Australia is $329 
  • What can it cut? Vinyl, iron on, infusible ink, cardstock, paper, washi tape, adhesive cardstock - basically anything you can cut with the premium fine point blade.
  • Can you use it without the Cricut Maker? Yes! This is a standalone machine - you don't need any other Cricut products. 
  • What size does the Cricut joy cut? The Cricut joy cuts 4.5" wide materials and can cut up to 20 feet of material if you're using a repeated pattern. 
  • When is it available? March 1st
  • Where can I buy it? It will be available in Australia at TVSN, Spotlight and 
Easy S'Mores Rocky Road Recipe

Recently Posting: This DEEELICIOUS S'mores Rocky Road Recipe that we are SERIOUSLY obsessed with. SO so so good. 

Seriously, make it for your Valentine today and they'll totally fall even more in love with you 😉

But tell me, 
How has your week been? 
And what's one thing on your shopping wishlist right now? 


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