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Friday, February 21, 2020

Recent Things: Winning, Rolling and Wanting

Heeeellooo! Happy Friday!

I'm not quite sure how it's Friday already, but I am so ready for a quiet weekend! The last few weeks and weekends have been go go go and we have minimal plans this weekend and I couldn't be happier about it!

I'm looking forward to hanging out with Jesse, reading hopefully more than 5 pages of a book and hopefully getting some time to bake too! 

But before I can get to that - I've got to catch you up on our week!
Here's what's been happening in our world this week! >> 

Can you read the Golden in Death series by JD Robb on its own?

Recently Reading: Golden in Death. I have a terrible habit of randomly picking up a book, reading it, reviewing it on Goodreads and then realising it's part of a series. 

Soooo, imagine my surprise when I read Golden in Death, reviewed it on Goodreads and saw that it's the FIFTIETH book in a series.

Ummm whaaat. 

Luckily the book could be read on its own, save for a few little things that I felt were introduced with no explanation (because, duhhhh, they were introduced 20 books ago 😜). 

Unfortunately, I found Golden in Death quite slow, but I quite liked the characters so I'd probably read one of the other 49 books sometime if I happen to stumble across them!

Chinese Star Wars Movie Poster - Cool Retro Movie Posters

Recently Wanting: This epic Star Wars movie poster from the restaurant we went to last night for my Mama's birthday (Taste of Tang).

I actually got home and found it on Amazon because we kind of need it for our future movie room, haha! It looks so much cooler than the English one!

Vintage Disney eBay finds

Recently Buying: Some super cute Vintage Disney finds on eBay for my office! I totally bought it just to display - but I'm definitely going to play it on our record player too!

How to Win Blokus

Recently Playing: Blokus - and WINNINGGGGGG. Blokus is the one game that makes me feel really accomplished if I actually win because it's not an easy game to win. 

We had friends over for a board game night last Friday (because we don't celebrate Valentine's Day and neither do they - so pizza and board games were the perfect alternatives!) and we played Blokus and Spoils of War... which I totally won as well 😜

Recently Winning: Lucky door prizes at our very first Disneyana meeting! My lovely friend Bec invited us to join the Disneyana group but we had things on for all of the meeting dates - until last weekend! We finally went and it was so lovely to be around fellow Disney addicts and Disneyland lovers! 

If you're a Disney person, you know that it's so fun to get to talk to fellow Disney people - because non-Disney people just don't get it.... and it was so fun to finally meet Bec in person! I even found out that she's been reading Southern In-Law from the very beginning!

Recent Puppiness: Our sweet pups have been super scaredy cats this week. Apparently they're now scared of thunderstorms (mainly Chanel), so when an epic thunderstorm rolled in the other night with constant thunder and lightning, Chanel hid under our bed and cried the entire time. 

Jesse slept through the whole thing and I just waited for the storm to be over so I could get some sleep 😜

Also ^^^ that photo is Chanel desperately waiting for Trixie to come home. Whenever Trixie is out of the house, Chanel waits by the front door for her until she gets back. 

If it's Chanel that's gone, Trixie couldn't care less as long as you throw her ball... 🙄

Recently Rolling: HUNDREDS of paper flowers. Luckily my Cricut did all of the cutting, but I still had to do the rolling and glueing - but it was all worth it to make my Mum a handmade birthday gift!

Recently Posting: This DEEELICIOUS Gluten Free Spanish Impossible Pie Recipe. It's the perfect lunch or quick dinner option and so full of flavour. I made another batch this week and I can't get enough!

But tell me, 
What are your weekend plans?
And what's the last thing you won?


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